It's so Dhole

Becoming Endangered>__<

Reasons for Endangerment

  • Habitat destruction/loss
  • Human persecution
  • Disease transfer from domestic/feral dogs
  • Reduction of prey
  • Competition


  • Classification: mammal
  • Length: 90 cm
  • Weight: 26-44 pounds
  • Eye Color: amber or light brown
  • Body Covering: Fur
  • Tail: 40-45 cm


  • Extraordinary vocal calls

Unusual Characteristics-

  • Can subdue prey 10x over own body weight
  • Amazing jumping powers
  • Capable swimmer
  • Fearful of humans


For protection-

  • Has good stamina
  • Swimmers (ffeternity)

For Getting and Eating Food-

  • Adults eat 8.8 lbs of meat in 1 hour
  • 2-3 dholes can kill 110 lb deer in less than 2 min.
  • Can drive prey into the water
  • Have keen sense of smell
  • Tireless and can chase prey (ffeternity) (man)


  • Dholes more social
  • Less territorial
  • Lives in clans instead of packs
  • Breaks into packs of 3-5 animals for hunting
  • Packs from 5-12 members
  • Compete for food (rianforest) (man) (adiversity)

Lives in:

  • Dens (man)



  • Continent: South and Southeast Asia, and Northwestern parts of India (wik)


  • Forest, meadows, jungles, and hills (cuon) (yville) (TAF)


  • Moist (TAF)


  • Food found in natural habitat
  • Eats a variety of animal meat
  • Omnivore
  • Predator (cuon) (PC) (yville) (JS) (ECOi)

Critical Information

Already in action-

  • Wildlife Decrees
  • Tiger Reserves
  • Laws against hunting
  • Status of "protected animal" (redlist) (ARK)

What you can do-

  • Donations (kj)