Ions at the Heart

this knowledge will help you conqure your chronic sickness

what is Hypertension and what causes this?

Otherwise known as high blood pressure, This delimma is caused by the pressure the blood put upon the walls of arteries. The three main causes of theis event is age, stress, and weight.

How can this effect your body?

The force of the blood upon the wall of the arteries and cause many problems. such as, vascular weaknesss, vascular scarring, an iincreased chance of blood clots, and Tissue and organ damage from narrowed and blocked arteries.

How is this linked to ion channel abnormalities?

Ion channels are in every cell in the body. These channels provide different targets for intervension in disorders of blood pressure. The actions of many drugs used to treat ion channel abnormalities can also be used to for hypertension.

How this impacts with the United States

Numbers wise 34% of the 50 million adults have this problem. Economic wise americans spent $50.3 billion to treat this. 37.2 direct medical cost and 13.1 in indirect costs.

how are they trying to fix ionic abnormalities

Researchers focus on the regulation of the oi channel expression in normal and genetically-altered cardiac cells.

prevention techniques

They are: Eat better diet (which may include salt reduction), maintaning a healthy weight, enjoying regular physical activities, and comply with medication prescriptions.