Who is Gordon Korman

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Gordon Korman has written of 80 books containing five series. He is also one of New York's Best Sellers authors for his Swindle series.

Early Life

  1. Gordon Korman was born on October 23, 1963 in Montreal, Canada, and grew up mostly in the Toronto
  2. In June, 1996 he married Michelle Iserson an elementary school teacher. He currently lives in Long Island and has 3 kids.

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All his books

Gordan Korman has been writing for more than three-quarters of my life. My books have been translated into 32 languages and have sold over 28 million copies worldwide.

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Schooled by Gordon Korman Book Trailer by Wheejoon


A quote by Gordon Korman: "It's a combination between real life and pure imagination," he says. "I always start off with something real, but then I unleash my imagination to make it more exciting, funnier, or a better story. To be honest, by the time a book is done, you can't recognize much of the real-life part. It's been changed too much. But I never could have gotten there without it."