Cole Porter

1891 - 1964

Songwriter, Composer, Playwrite

At a very young age, Porter had a talent in the musical arts. He composed songs as early as 1901 (When he was 10 years old) and went to Worcester Academy when he was 14.

He later on went to Yale to further pursue his musical education and wrote plays. Not much later he pursued a career in Broadway.

He moved to France in 1917 and met his soon-to-be wife Linda Thomas. Although he was gay, she provided a lot of emotional support for him and inspired him in his work. He enjoyed to live lavishly and threw parties often.

He's known for "Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)" in the Broadway show, Paris (1928). He's received a Tony award for his musical hits in the film Kiss Me, Kate (1953), and an Academy Award for his song "True Love" in the movie High Society (1956)