Team Talk

The Road To Distinctions Week Of May 9, 2016

Team Mustang

Thank you for a great week of testing. Our scholars were focused as they took their various exams. Last week was also a week where our scholars reflected and appreciated you for the knowledge and skills you provided them in preparation for their exams.

During Teacher Appreciation week, I had several conversations with some of our scholars who shared how they were prepared for testing. Now we sit back and await the results. With that being said, the school year is not over. We must remain constant in delivering Good First Instruction as we continue to prepare for the ACP's.

Continue to manage your classrooms with bell to bell instruction along with engagement strategies. This is the time of year when our scholars seem to think that the school year is over and begin to lose focus. It is up to us to maintain our culture. We have to define our culture or it will define us.

Keep in mind one of FDR's Core Beliefs " We believe we set the tone for scholar achievement and behavior through consistency and leading by example". This belief can be actualized by implementing the above mentioned actions with fidelity.

Remember our values:

  • A sense of urgency
  • Commitment
  • Development of the Craft


This week's PLC should focus on the SLO process. If you have not done so, the assessment will need to be given and scored. The same assessment is to be given from the beginning of the year to measure growth. After scoring, record the data on the scorecard and upload in school net by the end of the day Sunday May, 15, 2016. This will give your appraiser time to use the rubric for scoring purposes as part of the TEI appraisal process.

Minutes and signature page should be placed in the binder in the PLC room.

Keep Calm and Finish Strong!

Contract Dissemination Is Now Live

You only have one week left to accept if you are eligible to receive one.

t’s that time of the year! Human Capital Management is preparing to disseminate contracts for the 2016-2017 school year. Contracts will be available for all contract-eligible employees via Oracle Employee Self Serviceby early May. Please expect an email from containing instructions on how to complete the acceptance process once contracts are available. Employees will have two weeks to provide an electronic signature.

According to Texas Education Code, contract eligible employees wishing to resign must do so 45 days before the first instructional day of the school year. The deadline for the 2016-17 school year is July 8, 2016.

A list of contract-eligible positions and additional information may be found on the contracts home page at

Any questions regarding contracts should be emailed to

TEI Verification

TEI Roster Verification begins Tuesday, May 10, at which time teachers can access 2015-16 TEI rosters on MyData Portal. Only teachers with courses eligible for TEI achievement metrics will have rosters to review and verify. TEI rosters determine which students are potentially included in the calculation of a teacher’s TEI achievement metrics. TEI Roster Verification, or TRV, is the only opportunity for teachers to ensure the rosters accurately reflect the student they taught during the school year.

Rosters are available for teachers until 5:00 p.m. on May 25. After that time, rosters cannot be updated for use in 2015-16 TEI calculations. Principals have until 5:00 p.m. on June 10 to approve rosters submitted by their teachers.


Below are a list of Alumni who have graciously agreed to volunteer their time to assist their alma mater in becoming a premier school. Their names are listed below with the the class they graduated with:


Mentoring and Assistance Program

Reginald Allen-81, Kevin Beasley-80, Holmer Harris-79, Chauncey Knight-83, Ricky Cheatham-80, Dane Maxey-79, Ned Armstrong-81, Alan Branch-81, Isreal Finnen-81, Gary Jefferson-82, Alvis Lewis-85,and Anthony Melton-82.

SWV-Sisters With Veltitude

Female Mentoring and Assistance Program

Lajuana Barton-80, Juneeta Boyd-65, Toni Johnson-81, Patsy Sublet-80, Jacqueline Bell-80, Kathy Johnson-81, Chandria McDonald-91,and Carla Ross Wooten-79.

When they are in the building they will be wearing badges so introduce yourself and thank them for their service.