Ernest Hemingway

by: Meredith Clayton

Interesting Facts

  • Hemingway had four different wives
  • His fourth wife claimed he killed himself on accident while cleaning his gun, but later admitted that he did it on purpose
  • His mother dressed him like a girl until he was six when he insisted a boys haircut and clothes
  • He wanted to enter World War I but they wouldn't accept him as a soldier because of his poor eyesight so he convinced them to let him in as an ambulance driver
  • Ernest Hemingway once published a recipe for apple pie in his column. In fact, he had a lot of recipes for food, and some of them even ended up being museum pieces like his hamburger recipe

Interesting Facts

  • Hemingway’s son, Patrick, worked as a big-game hunter and ran a safari business in Tanzania.
  • Some of his books were published after he committed suicide
  • He was a failed KGB spy ( this is a spy organization in Russia but in English it means Committee for State Security)
  • Hemingway’s memoir A Moveable Feast, about his life in Paris in the 1920s, was not published until 1964.
  • After World War II Hemingway was accused of many war crimes

Interesting Facts

  • Ernest stole a urinal from his favorite bar
  • He spent his whole adult life as a drunkard
  • Ernest Hemingway Hunted Sharks

  • Hemingway was awarded a Bronze Star for his bravery under-fire in World War II when he was a war correspondent.

  • The FBI maintained an open file on Hemingway from World War II onwards.

Interesting Facts

  • Hemingway’s sister and brother, and also his father committed suicide as well as him
  • Ernest Hemingway survived two consecutive plane crashes in two consecutive days
  • Hemingway was really into Hunting

  • Sometimes he used a machine gun to fish

  • He only wanted six towed cats as pets

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