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Week of August 21st

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Looking Ahead Important Dates


September 4 - Student & Staff Holiday

September 5 - No School / Professional Development Day for Teachers

September 11-15 - Book Fair

September 8 - Grandparents' Day @ RJ w/Bookies & Cookies

September 12 - RJ Parent Orientation Night

September 18-22 - Homecoming Week & Start with Hello Week

September 21 - Homecoming Parade

September 25 - No School / Professional Development Day for Teachers


October 9 - No School / Professional Development Day for Teachers

October 10 - RJ Open House & Student Night

October 23-27 - Red Ribbon Week

October 31 - Halloween & Student Costume Parade & Adventure Dash Fun Run Kickoff @ RJ

Sneak Peek of the Week: Monday Motivation @ RJR!

Join us in College Spirit on Wednesdays @ RJR!

RJR encourages college awareness! Wear your college shirts on Wednesdays!


Is your child celebrating a birthday? We have a student leadership group, our CeLeBraTion Crew, that helps to recognize every Bulldog birthday! Every bulldog can expect a birthday announcement, birthday pencil, and a little birthday visit from our celebration crew!

Birthday Treats: Feel free to send birthday treats for your child's class. You can drop-off treats in the front office or send with your student. The teacher will serve them at an appropriate time according to each class's schedule.

  • please send sharable treats that are easy to individualize with classmates
  • please NO balloons or flowers for students

In case you missed it last week... the information below is an update & repeat of important beginning-of-the-year information!

Morning Arrival Routines

Morning Visitor Reminders:

  • Our doors open at 7:15 every morning for students to go to the cafeteria for breakfast or to wait for class in our gym. Our class bells ring at 7:35 for students to go to their classrooms, greeted by their teachers.
  • Our cafe will begin serving breakfast to students @ 7:15-7:50 daily. Our cafe is not open to visitors each morning due to space, serving time, and limited supply. If your child will eat breakfast at school on the first three days of school, please prepare to walk your child to the classroom first and our staff will be available to help and assist them to our cafeteria.
  • Our instruction begins @ 7:45 AM every morning, and our tardy bell rings at 7:45 AM.
  • All visitors will be required to check in at the front office with their ID anytime on campus, but visitors aren't able to go to teacher's classroom during instructional times unless there is a pre-scheduled meeting or conference.

Morning Arrival / Drop-Off Reminders:

  • Parents, please utilize the front drive for drop-off and stay in your car! The teachers on duty will assist with the unloading of your student.
  • Our car rider line has 2 outer right lanes, to help flow traffic off of the highway. We ask that you please stack cars utilizing these 2 lanes until all lanes merge into one once in the circle. Please remain in ONE lane until you have dropped your student off at the sidewalk. The ONE lane again becomes 2 lanes upon exit of the circle, past the cross-walk.
  • Our front drive operates like a well-oiled machine and moves quickly. Please pay attention to our staff that are available and helpful to keep our lines moving.
  • Please do NOT park and have your child walk through the parking lot. Our cars are constantly moving and are focused on drop-off areas and are not always paying attention to any crossing traffic. Should you need to park to walk your child into the campus, our front office opens at 7:25. Please park in a parking spot and walk with your child to the front office. *please walk your student up to the campus rather than sending him/her to walk alone.*
  • The back and side doors on campus are for bus riders only and no drop-offs will be permitted to enter unless through the front school doors. The front doors are for car riders.

Visiting for Lunch

  • We welcome you to eat lunch with your child during their scheduled lunch-time!
  • All lunch visitors MUST check-in through the front office and receive a visitor's badge. Please have your photo ID available and wear your printed visitor badge where it is visible for all staff. Any visitor NOT wearing a badge sticker will be asked to check-in at the front office. The badge authorizes access to the cafeteria ONLY.
  • Lunch visitors are not allowed access to the classroom/playground/etc when visiting for lunch.
  • Lunch visitors MUST be listed in Student Skyward access. Visitors coming for lunch with our Bulldogs must be listed in Skyward as a family member or contact to be allowed to eat with a student.
  • Lunch visitors must sit at designated tables during lunch time in our Lunch Visitor Bulldog Cafe area.
  • Students with lunch visitors may not invite classmates/friends to sit at the visitors' table.
  • Any outside lunch brought to enjoy with your student may not be shared with other students at any time due to state nutrition guidelines and requirements.
  • Due to supply issues, any lunch visitor must provide his/her own lunch. Visitor meals can not be purchased through our cafeteria at this time.

2023-2024 BCISD Meal Prices for RJR

  • Breakfast and lunch are free for all students at RJ Richey Elementary.

  • An extra entree will be $1.00 (if purchased at the time as the complete meal).

Dismissal Car Line Procedures at RJR

Form one, single-file line when turning into the car line. Once off of highway, you may merge to either the far right or middle car lanes. Vehicles will "double stack" waiting to pick up so that traffic is off of the highway. All cars from the 2 lanes will merge at our Car Rider Pro reader and will be directed by staff.

  • All traffic will merge into one, single lane near the front of the building for pickup and drop-off.

  • Please do not block or park in the inner circle lane, as this is for emergency entrance/exit and for accessing parking.

  • Hang your car tag on the rearview mirror with the numbers facing out so personnel can read it.

  • Stay in your car. The teachers on duty will assist with the loading of your student.

  • Watch for the person directing traffic. The person directing traffic will send cars from each lane and will alternate between lanes. There may not always be a staff member directing traffic due to student/campus need. However, please be respectful and merge with other cars to help keep the line flowing.

  • Stay in your car and in the car line. Even if you forgot your car tag, stay in line and we will come to you to check your ID.

  • If your child has loaded the car, please stay in the car line and wait for the wave of cars to pull forward rather than pulling around them.

Pickup Stations: Students will exit through 1 set of doors and arrive at designated stations and poles in our front drive, supervised by an RJR staff member. Please be patient as the lines will likely be long as we work out dismissal procedures within the first few days of school.

Safety first! Please do not allow your child to hang outside of the car windows or sunroof while traveling through the car line.

No parent walk-ups at dismissal. If your child is a car-rider, we can not accommodate parent pickup other than through our car rider line. Please do not walk-up to the car line to request pickup for your student.

***No in-person pick-up after 3:00pm until the car line is finished. As we work to dismiss our students in a timely and orderly fashion, we must keep the front entry/exit doors uncrowded and office staff available to assist with student dismissal.

As a result, parents needing to check their students out must do so before 3:00pm or after the car line is finished. This is a matter of safety as we work to dismiss a school full of elementary children.

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Bus Rider Information

Dismissal Bus Rider Information:

How do I request a change in transportation?

Submit an email on the same day as the transportation change request by 1:30 p.m. to rjr-transportation@burnetcisd.net.

Include the following details in the email:

  • Student’s full name
  • Student’s grade level
  • Student’s homeroom teacher
  • The transportation change you want made for today (bus rider to car rider or car rider to bus rider)

Requests made after 1:30pm will not be processed. Notes, phone calls, text messages and emails sent to any other email will not be processed.

2023-2024 Student Dress Code

**The three most frequently seen at the elementary level are non-naturally occurring hair colors, mohawks, and the wearing of hats/hoods in the building.

*Avoid mohawks and be sure that fun summer color washes out before returning to school. Please talk with your child (if bringing a hoodie or hat to school) that they should not be worn inside the building.

Other important Dress Code Info to consider and remember:

  • Dresses, skirts, all split garments, and shorts must be long enough to maintain dignity while sitting, bending, and standing. Shorts, skirts, dresses, and skorts must be hemmed.
  • Pants, shorts and skirts must be worn at the natural waist of the student.
  • Knives are not allowed at school or school functions, therefore the wearing of any type of case designed to hold a knife is not permitted as well.

More RJR Parent Resources & Quick Link Info:

Staff Shout Outs!

Have you experienced great customer service from an RJ teacher, staff, or employee? Has one of our staff members done something to make you smile or gone the extra mile? If so, we want to hear about it!

What is a Staff Shout Out? A Shout Out is a special recognition that acknowledges a District staff member who has demonstrated a special effort, an outstanding job, caring customer service, a project of high quality workmanship, a team mentality, and/or is helping students CRAFT the FUTURE.

Who can submit a Staff Shout Out? Students, parents, teachers, auxiliary staff, coworkers, and all community members. Anyone can submit a Staff Shout Out!

Who can receive a Staff Shout Out? Any employee of Burnet CISD. EVERY staff member is an important part of our team!

Please click the link below to complete a form briefly explaining why this staff member or coworker deserves recognition. All Shout Out will be listed on the Shout Out webpage.

RJ Richey PTO

The RJ Richey PTO is such a rewarding opportunity to get involved in your child's school.

We'd love to have you join us!

RJ Loves our Volunteers!

We LOVE and APPRECIATE our many volunteers @ RJ!

Come join us and just click the quick link below for more information!

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RJ Richey Elementary School

7:15am Front Doors Open

7:15am Student Drop Off/Breakfast

7:20am Front Office Opens

7:45am School Begins

7:45am Tardy Bell

9:00am Students not in attendance are marked absent

1:30pm Transportation changes due, please email: rjr-transportation@burnetcisd.net

3:25pm Student Dismissal

4:00pm Office/School Closes

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