2016 HSNUMUN Conference

A Model United Nations Conference Held by HSNUMUN Club 4th


Committee A: United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)/ Topic: Public Health Care in Africa

ECOSOC (The Economic and Social Council) is one of the six main organs of the UN. ECOSOC deals with the coordination of problems in the fields and areas of economic, social, cultural, and health matters. This year's topic focuses on the public health care problems in Africa. Public health care in Africa has long been a crisis because of poor living condition, lack of medical resources, neglect of health care notion from people, and shortage of public facility. Those are emergency problems needing to be solved by African countries as well as the cooperation of the countries worldwide. Seeking solutions to this problem which is effecting not only the local African people but also international travel in the area, the members of ECOSOC strive to reaching consensus within the nations as well as better co-operation among the states.

Committee B: United Nations General Assembly/ Topic: The European Migrant Crisis

At the heart of the United Nations is the General Assembly. With a large number of passionate and intelligent delegates, the General Assembly boasts some of the finest debate in MUN conferences. Featuring the European migrant issue that is now challenging the whole international community, this committee requires delegates to open discussions related to the topic ranging from international security, to regional policy, to humanitarian aid. The GA will push delegates to rethink what has been previous done by the international community, to push their skills of negotiation and debate, and to ultimately balance international cooperation with their own national interests in every aspects.