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November 4th, 2019

NAE Movie Night-Toy Story 4

Picture Retakes Nov. 5th

Don't forget picture retakes. Here is what you can do:

  1. Return your packet from Oct. 1st picture day to have them retaken.
  2. Order pictures on retake day by providing payment in a picture envelope available in the office.
  3. Go to and use Picture Day ID #FO569094Y1 and order online.

2019 Jog-A-Thon Results

Total Runners: 296

Total laps: 2476

Average lap/runner: 8.36

Mileage: 619 (Roughly the distance from Albany, Oregon to Vancouver, Canada!)

Fundraising Total for Jog-A-Thon: Over $7500 Raised!

Highest Laps K-2 class: Willoughby (235 laps) Highest Laps 3-5 class: Hanson (247 laps)

Highest Total Lap Boy: Bennett Dale (Blaine) 15 Laps Highest Total Lap Girl: Elise Marteeny (Louber) 14 Laps, Izzy House (Louber) 14 Laps

Highest Lap Runners Each Class K-2:

  • Koenig: Cody Ballenger, Eden Bright, Ellen Falcy
  • Weldon: Lucy Bethman, Dane Clark, Cooper Nielsen, Benjamin Tidwell, Hunter Vass
  • Johnson: Kylan Akers, Emily Davis, Emma Karabinus, Jacob Peterson
  • Lange: Caleb Harris, Violet Jones
  • Thwaite: Ronnie Danford, Maddie House, Micah Powell, Logan Raymond
  • Willoughby: Daniel Cerklewski, Milo Stevens, Mackenzie Thompson

Highest Lap Runners Each Class 3-5:

  • Hanson: Rowena Arck, Reagen Buker, Maiya Penner, Brooke Peterson, Tristan Robbins
  • Tope-Lehn: Alice Burt, Anna Meyer, Josie Moran, Lily Peterson, Hayden San Filippo
  • Louber: Tyson Engom, Izzy House, Elisa Marteeny
  • Smith: Brooklynn Hinsley, McKenna Mathews, Noah McAlhany, Jordan Walker
  • Blaine: Bennett Madsen, Madi Thompson
  • Koontz: Natalie Tidwell, Aidric Washko
  • McKinney: Landen Anderson, Kalvin Jackson

Highest Pledge Collecting Class K-2: Johnson ($1,004.25)

Highest Pledge Collecting Class 3-5: Smith ($896.40)

Pledge Superstars: $150 or Above!

  • Griffin Brown (Smith)
  • Isabella Rieke (Smith)
  • Josie Moran (Tope-Lehn)
  • Zander Enzler (Johnson)
  • Blakely Scheafer (Johnson)
  • Liam Ragsdill (Lange)
  • Ryland Pope (Hanson)

Highest # of Pledges Collected for each class:

  • · Koenig: Afton Abblitt, Piper Fox, Ella McAlhany, Jordan Orth
  • · Weldon: Lucy Bethman, Gabriel Oberfoell, David Seiber
  • · Johnson: Kylan Akers, Jethro Burroughs, Zander Enzler, Blakely Scheafer, Noah Smith
  • · Lange: Isla Fedler, Liam Ragsdill, Marshall Rodriguez
  • · Thwaite: Mason Chaffins, Logan Raymond
  • · Willoughby: Remington Arteaga, Makayla Lankford
  • · Hanson: Randy Larson, Hudson Mitchell, Ryland Pope, Olivia Vitek
  • · Tope: Jacob Ballenger, Zane Fox, Josie Moran, Madison Roseland
  • · Louber: Michael Beathe, Aspen McHuron
  • · Smith: Griffin Brown, Mckenna Mathews, Noah McAlhany, Isabella Rieke,
  • · Blaine: Jordan Castaneda, Carter Roberts
  • · Koontz: Campbell Akers, Ali Boucher, Leah Boucher
  • · McKinney: Konner Elmer
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Veteran's Day - No School

Monday, Nov. 11th, 9am

815 Northwest Thornton Lake Drive

Albany, OR

Parent Teacher Partnership (PTP) Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 12th, 6pm

NAE Library


Thank you to our amazing Parent Teacher Parternship for the amazing snacks during conference time! Your snacks and beverages kept us energized and ready to take on the long days and nights! Thank you so much!

Check out our new mural - Ali Gator!

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North Albany Elementary

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