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With around 2,000 miles of coastline, Vietnam is luckily endowed with a number of white sand and beautiful beaches. Unique Mui Ne Resort is conveniently located amidst the resort-dotted commune of Ham Tien just 13 km away the heart of Phan Thiet downtown, Muine Unique Resort features a harmonious design, an over-150-meter sun-soaked private beach, four-star luxury comforts, and guaranteed service with a smile.

It was here Ng Mui met Yim Yee and Wing Chun. When I transferred to a college in Irvine, California I had a similar experience under the guidance of another great music teacher of a similar name, Professor Herbert Geisler, thought that time with handballs.

There had been much activity going on about the roads, like, rerouting, uprooting, closing, repairing, building, rebuilding, digging and dripping and all of those things found in, so called, modernizing the infrastructure so dear and important to countries like Japan, where transportation is king.

In other words, a good few of the roads that Alan Booth tramped along on his epic tramp from on end of the country to the other (at the same time I was cycling), where no more. Surfpoint Vietnam is founded by a couple with 10 years of experience, offering kitesurfing courses for beginners in English and German at USD200 upwards.

The beach at Vung Tau isn't especially great, but its proximity to Ho Chi Minh City insures a steady patronage from locals as well as tourists. It turned out to be much easier to wash my body than to wash a few torn T-shirts, socks with holes in them, not to mention a couple of pairs of underwear that were on their last days.