Lord of the Flies Project

Libby Meier


Jack's tribe is a totalitarian government. Totalitarianism is led by a dictator and seeks to control all economic and political matters, and also, the values, attitudes, and beliefs of the citizens. The government has a monopoly over the police, military, communications, economic, and education systems.

Ralph's tribe is a democratic government. A democracy is ruled by the people and requires popular control over public decisions and decision makers, and an equality of respect and the right to be heard between citizens in the exercise of that control.

My island

For my island, I would have a socialist type of government. This is the best choice because it's based on common ownership and has democratic control. Everybody would have free access to the goods and services designed to meet their needs and all work would be voluntary. ("What is Socialism?")


  1. a leader will be democratically voted on by people age 18 and up


country affected by in-fighting

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