DMS Daily Bulletin

September 8, 2020

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Today is Cycle Day 1

Group A (Last Name A-K) will be in-person

Group B (Last Name L-Z) will be attending on-line from home


Where should homebase classes report for lunch?


The following homebases report to Cafeteria for lunch: Struchen, Roob, Olson, Good, Uecker, Kratzke, Jensen, Lang, Moundson, Wilson, Arola.

The following homebases report to small Gym for lunch: Kluver, Johannes, Dummer, Hamilton, Neubarth, Bothun, Holmen


The following homebases report to the cafeteria for lunch: M. Dougherty, P. Dougherty, Mork, Luing, Anderson, Loch, Krause, Moore, Kvasager

The following homebases report to the small gym for lunch: Brossart, Breitling, Johnson, Fischer, Werlinger, Treat, Huss, Smith, Stoltz


The following homebases report to the cafeteria for lunch: Grove, Serum, Balcome, Hochhalter, Fettig, Witt, Korynta, Lagergren, Kwitek

The following homebases report to the small gym for lunch: Schafer, DeWanz, Kettler, Hennen, Stember

Don't Forget Your Take Home Meal

Students have the option to take home both breakfast and lunch for the next day. Students will need to sign up for meals with their homeroom teacher daily. Meals are available at the doors as students exit the front and back of the school building. Breakfast will be continental style and most lunches will be microwavable. We've included some of your favorites! Please check out the A app or the district website for the menu. Meals will be charged to the students lunch account unless they qualify for meal benefits.

NEW! Scan Cards for Riding The Bus and Getting Your Meals

To improve student safety, we will no longer have students manually enter their lunch PINS in the cafeteria. All students will receive a scan card to be used both on the bus and for getting meals in school. A simple swipe of your card in the cafeteria is all you need to do at the cash register.

Please remember to bring your scan card with you to breakfast and lunch every day. If you lose your card, please report it to the Food and Nutrition Department and we will issue you a new card. The cost to replace the card is $5.00. This fee will be charged to your lunch account. To help keep your card safe, you can place it inside your cell phone case and phone if you have one. You can then just scan your phone. Lanyards will also be given out with the cards.

Looking Ahead...Important Dates

September 21 - Picture Day for Group A

September 22 - Picture Day for Group B

September 24 - Picture Day for Distance Learners

September 30 - District Scheduled 2 Hour Late Start

October 8 - DMS Conferences Gr 6-8 3:30pm-7:30pm

October 12 - DMS Conferences Gr. 6-8 3:30pm-7:30pm

October 14 - DMS Conferences Gr. 6-8 7:30am-11:30am

October 15 - No School

October 16 - No School