Over Population Affects Life

By, Emma W., Bri M., and Cassi O.

The Affect on People

Population isnt just a number. Its affecting us in many ways, children included. Children in overcrowded homes sometimes have difficulties in behavioral adjustments in school. They perform poorly in acedemic settings and most of the time have vulnerable relationships with their parents. All affects on high population density on individuals are considered, "largely mediated by phchological stress."

The Numbers

Will the resources be enough? There are more than & billion people on Earth now, and roughly 1 in 8 of us don't have enough to eat. Also, birth rates and death rates play a big role in our population growth. The number of births is 13 out of 1000 and the number of deaths out of 1000 is 8. There is a very real chance thatwe overshot the carrying capacity of the eath, but only time will tell.


To add on to the issues in population growth, we are taking wild animals homes and keeping them for ourselves. We are building new homes in replace of whats already a home to a species that needs somewhere to stay. Scientists are trying to bring back extinct species but soon enough, there will be no place for anyone to go.