Fictional Gazette

English Stephenson

Entering marathon with a broken leg?...

Adam Martin Zebrin , also known as Zebra, entered the New York Marathon the day he got hit by a car while training. Zebra's injury is very serious but he insists on not only running in it , but winning it! Some people call him crazy and some say courageous,but will he be able to push through with his broken femur? Our editing crew went around and asked passing bystanders what they thought of this situation, and we have them below to share with you.

Tom Garett said "I think Zebra is stupid and does not know what he is getting himself in to.

Grace Lilly says " I think Zebra is very brave. He is a fantastic runner, but I'm afraid he might hurt himself worse by doing the marathon.

Erin Crest says " Zebra is out of his mind. He has a broken leg!!!!!! Doesn't he want to heal at all?

Photo of Zebra taken by photographer, Ellie Ramsey

Dear English,

I really like this girl at school but I don't how to talk to her. She is so perfect and graceful,especially when she walks down the hallway. She is so nice and and we have a lot in common. I even took French just to be in her class! I guess I just need a way to talk to her without freaking out and feeling sick. Please help me!!



I think you should try asking for her number. That way she will think its neutral approach. Then when you start talking to her on the phone you could get to know her a little better. Then when you are ready, you can tell her how you feel over the phone so it's less awkward. If she feels the same way about you then you could ask her out.



Arturo died of an unknown cause this past Thursday at age 82. He was a role model to his grandson who took interest in his Arturo's writing pieces he presented to the golden ages home for the elderly. He was born in Purto Rico and served in the military. He also was a techer in Purto Rico before he was recruited. He will be missed.

Ms. Banks died this Sunday at age 70. She was a very loving person who would take anyone in if they needed help. She lived in New York by herself and always respected everyone. She will be greatly missed.


Jimmy Valentine has been reported for a series of break in's in many different banks. He is a tall man with dark brown hair, eyes, and mustache. He has a signature mark he leaves on every vault lock he picks. He leaves 3 drill holes in the shape of a triangle. He is also known to carry a briefcase full of his lock picking tools. He was last seen in the town of Elmore. If seen please call (270)-375-0583.

Photo in family home of Jimmy Valentine


Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas are going head to head in a boxing match next Friday. They are known to be best friends and have been like brothers to each other all their life. People around the area are saying that their friendship will fall apart after this match. Felix said "I know someone will have to win and I want it to be me, but at the same time I wan Antonio to win because we stick together through everything. I think I will try and knock him out so it will be less harsh." Antonio said " I love my best friend or, brother rather, more than any boxing match. We stay together through everything. I will probably try to hit the first knock out so we don't have to lengthen the match." Who do you think will win the match?