Depression and Suicide Awarness

-Adrienne Ray

What is Depression?

Depression is a medical condition that interferes and persists with a person's ability to function. Depression can happen suddenly, but it sometimes it is associated with life experiences. Some people may only have one episode of depression in their lIfe, others may have several. Depression affects more than 19 million people each year.

How do you know if someone is depressed or suicidal?

There are many signs that can show if you or someone else is depressed. These signs include:

  • self-hurting and drug use
  • saying things like "I wish I were dead" or "nobody cares"
  • being secretive or isolating themself/yourself
  • lack of energy, or interest in activities
  • death themed art

Signs Self Hurting

You can tell if someone is self-hurting if they:

  • have unexplained injuries
  • often wear clothes that cover places like wrists, ankles, or even hair
  • spending long amounts of time by them self in isolated areas

DEPRESSION - Motivational Video