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THRIVE K - Premium Kids Formula

Thrive for KIDS!

Now your'e "K"ids can Thrive with you!

THRIVE K by Le-Vel is an innovative new approach to children's nutrition and their general health & wellness. With today's busy lifestyles and with fast foods, processed foods, and junk food at an all-time high, children’s nutrition is more important now than ever before. THRIVE K was developed and formulated to help supplement nutrition in your child's daily lifestyle. Our proprietary blend of premium grade vitamins and minerals, in an on-the-go fruity cereal tasting gel, is the perfect solution to help with your child's nutritional goals and to address nutritional gaps and deficiencies. Le-Vel is proud to introduce a true innovation for children's nutritional supplementation! Give your children the nutrition they deserve, the nutrition they need–give them THRIVE K for Kids.

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Naturally Flavored
  • Naturally Sweetened

Look Who Else Joined the Family

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Before Thrive, I was a tired and cranky mom.

Now I have plenty of energy to get me through the day without coffee or sodas! My body craves water and I love it! I sleep better at night and wake up well-rested before my alarm clock goes off. Thrive has helped me to live a healthier life with both food choices and the desire to workout.

If you are curious about Thrive and want more information contact me by either phone, message or email!

*** For anyone who has never purchased Thrive and would like to get started... I am offering to YOU: $25 towards your purchase OR one week of ThriveK!!! This offer is good on orders of $150+ thru May 21, 2016. You MUST contact me BEFORE placing your order so that I can ensure the credits go into your account. ***

About Us

I am married to a wonderful man... Jeremy. He has definitely been my rock through many trying times and I am so grateful for him. Together we are on this crazy ride called life, and I love that we are Thriving together to help our friends and family live a better life, too!