Computer Hardware

Alfie Style 2br ICT


A hard drive is a big storage device found in most pc’s which is used to store major things like the operating system. Inside hard drives there are small disks to hold the data on with an arm to read and save the data. An ssd is a smaller and quieter version of the hard drive which does not move hence the abbreviation solid state drive, these are more expensive.

Optical Drive

An optical drive holds a CD and reads it. It can store information from a CD and retrieve it.


A monitor displays information on a screen. You can turn off a monitor without turning off the whole computer.


A cpu carries instructions to the computer like a brain for a human. It processes all the information and does what needs to be done to it. It is also called a processor. The better the processor the quicker it goes meaning it sends its information quicker. There are many different types such as I3 I5 and I7.


A motherboard holds the vital components of a computer and connects them all, like the central processing unit and the memory. Also it holds the usb ports and is connected to the hard drive.


Input is the information received to a computer and output is the information sent out through the computer. It gets its input from you typing on the keyboard using the mouse or connecting a usb. Its output is normally displayed on the monitor.


RAM is temporary memory on taskbars. Open programs will be stored on RAM instead of the hardrve. It means that you can quickly open up already opened programs. RAM will not be able to be save information permantley.