Job Shadow Project

Fish & Wildlife Biologist: Emily Jernigan & John Hammond

Business/Agency Description

The agency that I went to go visit was a federal employed agency. The place I was dropped of at was a small building, outside there were cars that had the agency logo. What the agency does is go around North Carolina looking at properties where there are endangered animals, they verify permits and record down data that is needed to keep track of the animal. The U.S. Fishery and Wildlife Service main goal is to work with others to protect, conserve and enhance wildlife, fish and plants and there habitats, while working and coming to accordance with citizens around.

Employee Description

John Hammond I would say was the lead in this job shadow based on his years of experience but Emily Jernigan was recording all the data down. John responsibilities are to A get everyone there safe and B to tell Emily what there is to write down. John's is known as the bird man he can tell you every little thing there is to know about birds, when he hears a bird he can tell you what bird it is. Emily has a greater responsibility in my opinion she has record all data down, during the job shadow she recorded all the trees down and had to calculate down where the lot started and ended and also had to draw the dot in the lot down. When we went to meet with a potential demolish she did most of the talking and she had also stated that in the office she wrote a lot of the approvals and denial reports down.