Leticia Flores

Career Description

Optometrists examine the eyes for visual problems along for infections, diseases, and injuries. They treat the area and prescribe lenses/eyeglasses.

Duties & Responsibilities

Optometrists perform vision tests and analyze the results. They also perform pre- and postoperative care. They are not the ones that perform the surgery but look after the patient before and after the surgery is performed. Prescribe eyeglasses along with contact lenses and medications.
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Education Requirements

The education requirements are an O.D(Doctors of Optometry) degree and to enroll to an O.D program there is also 3 years of post secondary education which should include the following courses: biology, chemistry, physics, English and math. Including the 3 years of post secondary education, the doctors of optometry programs are 4 years and 1 year of a residency program that most people take after get their O.D degree. In total it is about 8 years of education. http://www.opted.org/about-optometric-education/professional-o-d-programs/ This website will help find schools that offer doctors of optometry programs.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for optometrist is 24% from 2012-2022. Since it is a small occupation there would only be 8,100 new jobs for optometrist in the 10 period. However there seems to be increase in eye vision problems resulting in more job opportunities than the number predicted. http://job-outlook.careerplanner.com/Optometrists.cfm

Salary & Work Environment

The median annual wage is $97,820 for optometrists. The work environment could be different depending if they are self-employed or work in a doctor's office/clinic. Most optometrists work full time or modify their work schedule to the patients.
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Related Courses & Experience

Some classes at East Leyden High School you can take to help take steps closer to becoming an optometrist is medical careers and Biology/Chemistry AP(or Honors). These programs focus on the human body/systems and medicine. Some work experience you might want to try out it just working or volunteering at a local clinic. Having experience working in a hospital environment will benefit you in the future.
A Day in the Life - Optometrist