Kelsey O'Farrell~Period 8

People Like Us-Kelsey O'Farrell

Pop-I like this song because its motivational and I hear it a lot. My cheer team and I listened to it on our last bus trip to Minnesota so it brings back memories.


Kelly Clarkson - People Like Us (American Idol Live) by paulorodrigosoares

I Wanna Dance with somebody-Whitney Houston

Rhythm and Blues-It shows how talented she was. It also brings back memories of her life.


Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody by UMPG


Pop-I like this song because it is very popular right now. Also the videos made with it are funny.

JD Fajardo

Adele - Hello by JD Fajardo

Do You Hear the People Sing?-Les Miserables

Musical-I like how Nick Jonas was in it. It helped it relate to more generations.

This Land is Your Land-Unknown

Folk-I like this because it reminds me of elementary. I also like how its been around so long and they still teach it to kids today.

Hips Don't Lie-Shakira

Latin-I like this song because it was pretty popular for awhile. Also Shakira is a really good artist.

Shake Senora-Anonymous

Reggae- I like this song because I've heard it a lot. On my birthday one year I made a dance to this too so it brings back memories.

Ice Ice Baby-Vanilla Ice

Hip Hop- I like this song for some reason I'm not really sure why. I also want to learn all of the raps.