Dairy Farming

Agricultural Region in MCDs


Dairy farming is agriculture for long-term production of milk which is sold as a dairy product after being processed.


Dairy farming used to take place mostly in MDCs, however it is increasing rapidly in LCDs. This type of farming in MDCs takes place near large urban areas like Northeast United States, Southeast Canada, and Northwest Europe. However, many more people are beginning to dairy farm in South and East Asia. Many of these dairy farms are family-owned, so they are ran by men and woman and more than likely have the help of children.

Why is dairy farming important?

Dairy farming plays a huge role in the food system because dairy farming takes place in every country in the world and provides billions of people with milk, cheese, and creams. Since dairy farming is very popular, it plays a big role in economics as well.

Effects of dairy farming?

Negative effects: Dairy farming adds substantial amounts of greenhouse gas into our atmosphere, which creates a climate change. Also, natural habitats are needed to be converted into land for agriculture. Dairy farming can also create water pollution when manure and seed crop is handled poorly.

Positive: The rapid increase of dairy farming created jobs for many farmers and those who would have wanted to help with the farming or the animals. Dairy farming also provides us with milk and other milk products.

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Interesting Facts

1. Farmers measure milk in pounds, not gallons.

2. It takes more cows than there are people in Green Bay to produce enough milk annually for Pizza Huts cheese.

3. On average, cows produce about 55 pounds of milk a day.

4. More than 1,000 new dairy products are introduced each year.

Personal Story

Gary Boyke, from Wisconsin, raises his family and runs his own dairy farm on the farm where he grew up. Gary and his family have made it a priority in their lives to not only do what they love to do, but to also be good citizens and provide energy for their neighbors. On Gary's farm they have a bio-energy digester which creates energy from manure that he can use to provide his neighbors, himself, and his farm with electricity.