Team 13 News

October 16, 2015

Churchville Nature Center 2015

Our trip to Churchville was a huge success! The students had a wonderful time. I tried to capture as many photos as I could, as did Mrs. McLean (thank you!)---you can see some of them in the gallery below. Also, please click on the below link for a virtual photo album. Thank you to Mrs. McLean and Mrs. Altimari who accompanied us and helped guide us through the seven learning stations. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather!


All of "team 13" has been striving to be proactive, our Seylar focus this quarter. I have been handing out "Paw-fect Choice" tickets, which have been entered in a weekly drawing--hoping to promote more"proactive behavior". This week, Paige and Colin were our winners.

The following students were awards large Proactive Paws: Paige, Natalie, Mackenzie, Casey, Colin and Bryce. This year we are citing specific examples of consistently modeled behaviors observed so classmates are aware of why these students have received their paws. Congratulations! Keep up the great role modeling!

Dates To Remember

  • Sign and return bundles-Wednesday--Please try to return them promptly, so I know you have seen them
  • Benstead's Weekly Reading Test/Spelling Test for I Wanna Iguana, Wednesday 10/21
  • October Reading calendars due Friday, 10/30
  • Fall Festival 1:45 Parents may view the parade--weather permitting

Eastern Woodland Presentation Panels

The students researched the Lenape Tribe as a class, and we made a sample class panel. Then, the students divided into tribes, and researched five key areas of an Eastern Woodland Tribe. Yesterday, the Tribes presented their panels to the class, each member taking a specific role in the presentation. The students did an amazing job!

The panels were hard to depict in photos, so I'll leave them up until conference time, so you can see their hard work!