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Earthquake Paragraph

Earthquakes can cause terrible disasters. Earthquakes are caused a plate in the earth’s crust drags against another one, but it has to be major for humans to feel it. According to, A big earthquake can cause many other disasters than just an earthquake. It can cause landslides, tsunamis, and even flooding. Still geologists cannot tell when an earthquake is coming, but they hope to in the future (nationalgeographickids 2015). In addition, geologists can still tell how strong an earthquake is by using it’s energy released during the earthquake. In fact, earthquakes can happen from a span of 50 miles to 400 miles below the earth’s surface. In conclusion earthquakes can cause terrible disasters.


Earthquake poem

Earthquakes happen very fast

almost as fast as Usain bolt,

It is only for about 20 seconds,

but it can do mass destruction hundreds of miles away,

Most earthquakes happen 50 miles below surface,

that is why we can feel the soil vibrate,

It seems like the earthquake is laughing at us,

but it is only the plates in the earth’s crust rubbing against each other,

Alaska averages 24,000 earthquakes a year,

so when one comes,

there are only 23,999 more to come.

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Nine State Earthquake

I really like this story because it tells you if anybody got hurt or not and it is very recent. Although it did not a lot of damage, it is still interesting to know about because it only happened in November.
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This is an example of what an earthquake can do.
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This is some damage that was done from the San Francisco earthquake 1906.