Wanted George Pullman

Reward is $1,000


  • 66 years old
  • Has white medium long beard
  • Shorter
  • Chubby man
  • White graying hair
  • Heavier built

Wanted for Robber Baron

He didn't always treat workers the greatest made them pay more then they had. He also never wanted to negotiate and this later caused him to go to jail and made many people dislike him.

Life and Inventions

George Pullman started out as a building mover, and then later developed the luxury railroad cars. This invention made traveling easier and made the people feel more at home.

His Workers

At first he treated his workers feel he build them all houses and and even a town to live in. But, then he started to make them pay more then they had to live there. He also ended up cutting there wages which made him very disliked.

What He Did With His Money

  • Built a town
  • church
  • Public Library
All of these things were gifts to the town but, the public Library was built after he died.