My Digital Dossier

Tracy 7A

Birth files and certificate

My name and date of birth, weight, gender, time of birth, is spread through hospital files to every doctors opponent and checkup I go to. Spreads through out family members from nearby place and even family across the world. Is saved on files and online by doctors and parents online.

Photos and Videos

Photos and video that are shared of me for me and to me and that I watch are saved in my Digital Dossier. Forever will be saved. From baby pictures of me with food, my friends and or family, toys to festive and creative videos I watch, it all follows me behind for my whole life. Every video and video I myself or family member posts of me is saved and will never disappear. My embarrassing baby videos and terrible hair pictures will haunt me till I'm gone.

Games and Social Media Sites

Every game I sign up for and include my name, birthday etc. is saved online for the game. I can't undo what I have put online to play a games. Every time I beat a high score or change my password, my digital dossier changes and grows bigger and bigger without me realizing. Social media is where my digital dossier grows the most. I am an active person on my digital site. Everything is saved in a file written with my name. Everything I post, share, save, view, watch, send, comment, like and or searched is saved into my digital dossier invisible folder that I didn't even realize was ever there.
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Everything I do online is in my Digital Dossier. No matter if i want it to be or not. Everything from my search history to my birth certificate is recorded, read and saved online as I am doing what I am doing everyday