The California Times

Written by Jaquelin Mendez and Sheena Rasolofosarobidy

Robert Burns

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry"


There was two murders at the Salinas Ranch. The two victims were Curleys wife and Lennie Small. Lennie Small was shot in the head . On the other hand Curleys wife was killed, some of the workers checked her and found out that someone cracked her neck causing her to die.


Eye witness ( Candy ) for the two murders at The Salinas Ranch

As I was walking into the farm looking for Lennie I saw Curley's wife lying on the hay. At first I thought she was just sleeping so I told her to get out of there because she wasn't allowed to go in. I told her so many times but she did not answer so I looked over her closely. I then realized she was dead. My first thought of the person who did it was Lennie Small one of the workers. I called his friend George to check it out and he definitely knew that it was Lennie who did it. I mean who else in the ranch has that strength? After George went out of the barn and into the rooms I called the boys that were having a horseshoe tournament. They came running into the barn and checked her. They said her neck was busted and that she was dead. Then curley came in furious eager to know what happened. When he saw his wife dead he knew exactly who did it,Lennie. He was ready to go after him and shoot him for revenge so I went over to George to tell him what was about to happen to Lennie.
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Letter to the boss

"I demand better work conditions for the ranchers, if not we will quit this job and leave you with nobody. Our ranchers have been facing hot and dry climate with no water for hydration. That condition has made many people sick and left to die. Now I Understand that we are running short on water but u could at least try your best to import water from different locations and conserve the water.

That is not the only problem but your son Curly needs to control his wife from interrupting the workers from doing their jobs. I understand that she's lonely but if she wanted to talk and not be lonely she could at least help the men with their jobs just a little bit.Next,I think the workers deserve better homing shelter.All that work to do do and horrible, disgusting homes you should be a shame of yourself. You are just some carless boss that just cares about yourself and your son.We demand better beds,working air conditioning,and just a cleaner home that atleast looks descent.Now all u have to do is just save up all your money and use that to buy better, comfortable bed because after we work our backs hurt and our body soars. Then make the air conditioning work atleast so we could feel comfortable.If you just fix all these problems we will be could and treat u with better respect as u do for us. Thank you, your employee.


Lennie small Los Angeles,California

9:45,11-29-2001,Salinas Ranch,California

George,pup,and bunnies

No Activity

Salinas Ranch

Mentally ill

Got shot in the back of the head by accident

Sydney More Los Angeles, California

6:15,7-4-2002, Salinas ranch by Curley's home

Curley,The boss

Taking care of Curley

Not Employed


Got choked to death by Lennie by accident

Eye witness(George)for the murder of Lennie

I just got some news that Curley and his men were about kill Lennie so I ran for my life before they got to him. I stole a gun and went off looking for Lennie. I looked in the woods he wasn't there,I looked by the lake where we had our campfire he wasn't there. So I went in the lake and I finally found him and hid him from the guys that were looking for him next to the hills so they wouldn’t find him. Finally they were gone so i sat him down next to the trees. I had a plan to shoot him myself so no stranger would shoot and plus I had no choice to shoot him because he would’ve died anyways by Curley and I couldn't protect him anymore. Lennie all of a sudden started wheeping “ IT WAS AN ACCIDENT,IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!” I knew it was an accident and I told him I know. Then he just let it go and forgot all about it. He started talking about our little house we were going to get and the bunnies we were going to tend with a farm. All I said was yup because I was looking for a moment to shoot him, but he kept on talking and talking and talking and wouldn't shut up.So finally i told him to go on his knees and he did not knowing what was going to happen. I stood back and put my arms straight to his head and BAM!!!! He rolled down the hill. That was the worst moment of my life,I broke down to tears.