Leonardo da Vinci's Inventions

The Top Three to Me

Top 3: The Ornithopter

This was Mr. da Vinci's flying contraption. The machine that he built based off birds. I know this may sound crazy but, this man was fascinated by how these animals flew. So, he designed this machine! It's kind of like the helicopter of the middle ages basically. Think if he would have built this then, a who bunch of people would have been flying around all willy nilly in there da Vinci ornithopter.
This is the sketch of the Ornithopter, amazing right!

Top 2: Self-Propelled Car

Ah the Self-Propelled Car a car that has no human with in it so, it might as well be classified as the first robotic engineered car. When people say that Da Vinci was the man of the future during his era, they weren't lying. This man let this car be programmed with a bunch of blocks yet we have to have a certain gear to get a machine going. Da Vinci truly learned from the basics and made them work.
This is a quick diagram of what the Self-Propelled Car looks like.

Top 1: Robotic Knight

This man just won't stop! First a Self-Propelled Car and now a Robotic Knight. This Knight was a practical replica of a humans body. But, wait there's more, this Knight wasn't driven by and power source but a pulley system and some gears. Da Vinci was really making a mark for the children of the future.
This is the sketch of the Robotic Knight! I get excited just thinking about it!

My Prospective

A man born in 1452 advanced in knowledge enough to create all sorts of inventions that we use today. From a flying machine to robot controlled items Da Vinci has done it all. I bet if he was alive today he would be thinking of more possibilities right at this moment.

By: Hydia Davis