WeHo Enrichments 2013-2014

Monday, Sept 17th

Thanks for coming out and supporting Enrichments

Thank you for those who were able to make it to our 1st Enrichments Meeting yesterday - for those who were unable here is our Agenda and a brief synopsis of what was covered.


  1. Overview of Enrichments and Vision for this school year

New Curriculum – Common Core with varying Study Units/PBL Projects

Mission Statement = support curriculum with experiential activities that help Study Units become more accessible to each student

Field Trip Goal = Provide 3 bus field trips per grade per year

Supporting one Project Based Learning Project per class - Grade Liaison will work with Room Parents and Committee Members to acquire supplies for Projects

Support efforts in Assemblies

2. Define and appoint Grade Liaisons Grade Liaisons = one person per Grade Level to act as a conduit between the Committee, committee members who are producing events and the Teachers for each Grade. Grade Liaisons will interface with each Committee Member who is 'producing' an event for that Grade Level. They will ensure those Enrichments are properly calendared with Teachers, run on time, and with the help of the Room Parents, ensure each activity is assigned the proper amount of chaperones for each event. Teachers will have a go-to person for Enrichment issues/questions. Much like our Teachers rely on Room Parents, they will (hopefully) come to rely (and be accountable) to our Grade Liaison. Grade Liaisons do NOT produce these events but close the circle of communication on each production/event and act as the face of Enrichments for that Grade.

TK - Sam Levine

K - Fred Kohler

1st - Iva Werner

2nd - Tara Walters

3rd - Karen Mack

4th - Shana Mathur

5/6th - TBD

3. How to introduce new enrichment ideas (form)

Form is embedded here - We'd like Committee Members to reach out to others to encourage those with ideas, contacts, resources etc. to fill out form so we can take action.

4. Review Enrichment MASTER LIST

    • Who is producing what
    • What to keep/eliminate


Sign on to 'Produce' an Enrichment on this list or a new Enrichment. Check this document or contact us to see what's available. Update and check Enrichment status and details at any time from this document. If you cannot open this document from the link contact me and I will SHARE it - please open a GOOGLE DOCS Account and look for the notice via email.


5. Chaperone Guidelines - we spoke about and drafted a Chaperone Guideline which will need to be approved by the Administration.

One thing we did not cover was TARGET GRANTS – After we update our calendar we reach out to each member to fill out a Target Grant to (hopefully) cover the expenses of a field trip. These are Grants for up to $700 per class to use for a specific field trip. Anyone can apply. The deadline, Sept 30th is rapidly approaching so ask that you open an application now and we'll send out the information (dates/places) of the field trips we'd like to try and have covered. They are short and easy to fill out. One application is allowed per email.


Caines Arcade Assembly

Enrichments is planning just one Assembly this year based on Caines Arcade. Below is a link and short film about Caine and the movement created towards Play Based Education and Project Based Learning.

Caine's Arcade


enrichment proposal form ***

The most critical thing is for us to assign and calendar existing Enrichments now. We know you all have amazing ideas and resources and we want to gather these at this time soooo - If you have an Enrichment CONCEPT or PROPOSAL you'd like to 'pitch' (we LOVE this!) please fill out our Enrichment Proposal Form below. Pls. be as detailed as possible.

Remember, Enrichments are not limited to Assemblies, Bus Field Trips, Walking Field Trips, Guest Speaker and Workshops... if you have an area of expertise, say you'd like to teach Art once a week in class, that is an Enrichment. We want to be able to review and track proposals, especially those that arrive either partially or fully funded.

Please save this note so you can easily access this Form. We'd love a continuous stream of options and resources as we move through the year.

Loading form...

GENERAL stuff that deserves a round of applause

Congratulations to Carina for booking our first bus field trip for our 5th Graders to The Griffith Observatory in May. Thank you Carsten for bringing Art back into the first grade with weekly lessons (starting soon). Big thanks to Tara for taking on Etiquette Lunch and offering up her husband for Career Week, Tina for bringing Authentically EATalian, a culinary and fitness class provided by The Italian American Chamber of Commerce/Italian Embassy/co-sponsored by Piccolo Chef to all of our 1st Graders next Tuesday. Thank you to our friends who showed up to the meeting (you know who you are), all of you who are submitting these amazing ideas, those who have stepped up to be a Grade Liaison, and those of you who are taking on the 'production' of an actual Enrichment! And a big welcome to all of our new members. Here's to a great and productive 1st meeting!! (insert exhale here)

And one last thing - WE NEED TABLES - we are desperate need of 5 - 6 of those fold out banquet tables for our event on Tuesday morning. FOWHE has about 6 but we'll need 10-12. If you have any to loan out for the day, we'd appreciate it! Email angela@whynotcoco.com

Thanks again!

Angela Galletta

(Joseph's Levy's mom)

Shana Mathur

(Sajan and Brijen's mom)

FOWHE Enrichments