Happy New Year

5th Grade Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies

Welcoming 2017

Welcome back, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and were able to ring in some new year cheer with those you hold dearest. It feels great to be back at Youngblood, and I'm looking forward to all of fantastic things that will happen here during this spring semester. I wish you all health, wealth, and happiness in 2017 and beyond!

Below are some reminders about upcoming curriculum, meetings, and tests.

Reading Homeruns

We started the school year with our Reading Homeruns of Reading Closely, Vocabulary Development, and Small Group Instruction. If I recall, many of you got off to a great start with using the signpost lessons from Notice & Note and Reading Nonfiction. I hope you were able to keep up with our Reading Closely guide during the 2nd marking period. What improvements have you noticed with your students abilities to read and analyze text in a deep, meaningful way? What does Vocabulary Development look like in your classroom? Remember, we need to be teaching vocabulary constantly to help our students achieve at a high level. Finally, I hope that you have been keeping up with your small group instruction. I know the last few weeks of the 2nd marking period are overloaded with DCAs and other events, but I hope you still found some time for this important task. We'll talk more about our Reading Homeruns and our goals for the spring at our PLC on Thursday.

Reading Genre Study

January 3-13 - Literary Nonfiction (Biographies/Autobiographies)

Reading CCA #3

This test is scheduled for Thursday, January 19th. We will be using units 15 and 24 from Motivation Reading for this CCA.

Writing Genres

During the 3rd marking period, students will be writing persuasive research essays. They will need to do some research in order to support their thinking in the essay, too. You might start planning ahead and getting your classes signed up for computer labs or to use the laptop carts. Additionally, students will revisit writing poetry.

Social Studies

I hope that you found the sessions yesterday to be useful! I loved the ready-made DBQs and all of great additions to BrainPop. Let me know if I can help you navigate any of these resources. You should be spending the next two weeks finishing Unit 3: The Constitution and Bill of Rights. We'll have the Unit 3 test on Friday, January 13th. I will be working on the Unit 4 pacing guide and assessment and will get that to you soon!

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