Dark ages

Hector Melendez, Raquel Pizana, Bryton Daniel, Charley S.

people of the dark ages

Charlemagne- was a christianic ruler during medieval times

spent most of his time of rule envolved in warfare

known as the father of Europe

Otto the great- holy roman emperor

made advances in papal politics

signed a treaty called privilegium ottonium

Louis IX- got ill and was on his death bed

placed a cross over his heart and was suddenly better

he swore he would crusade to the holy land

pope Gregory I- influence of change during medieval earth

a doctor of the church

rewarded with the Gregorian chant.

Blasphemy Laws

- One of the defining features of a free, liberal, and secular society is the fact that individuals have the unalienable rights to criticize every imaginable scientific theory, belief system, political figure, etc... without fear of persecution.

- No one has the birthright to be protected from being offended.

- This has been one of the foundational tenets of liberal democracles, and it is uniquely enshrined in the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

- In the recent past, a disturbing global trend has begun to materialize. For Ex. Ireland has instituted a new blasphemy law.

- OIC ; (recently renamed the organization of Islamic cooperation) which consist of 57 member states.

- If the first amendment cannot guarantee one's right to criticize any and all regions in the most forceful of manner, The united states is no longer a free country.

Epidemics/ schools of the dark ages

.The most common and known epidemic of the dark ages was the black death, given the name because victims would start to rot and turn into a dark blue black color.

. Dysentery was also common because of the filthy conditions most people lived in and the low grooming standerds.

ancient romans, greeks, and Egyptians had pushed forward medical knowledge.

By the 14th century universities developed in western Europe that could be classed as medical schools.

Montpelier had human body dissections for anyone wanting to study medicine