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What is “Citizen CAN”

Project “Citizen CAN” - Network of Active Citizenship is an EVS project of 18 months, through which Associação Mais Cidadania (Lisbon, Portugal) wishes to implement a serie of mobilities for young volunteers that can promote practices of active citizenship and respect for human rights in the region of Lisbon - namely in the municipalities of Lisbon, Sesimbra and built on the idea of cooperation between organizations that share common values and work toward the building of a positive idea of global community. Together we will learn to celebrate the broad diversity of European cultures that exists in Europe, help to strengthen the way to a larger, more encompassing European Union, develop collaboration of Ukrainian and Portuguese young people, acquaint them with historical and cultural heritage and traditions.

Citizen CAN - Its main aims are to stimulate citizens, with a focus on youth, to participate actively in the democratic life and in the social matters of their communities, involving a group of 16 EVS volunteers and 14 organisationsfrom 13 different countries in this joint effort of extension of the activities developed and enlargement of the social impact. We will resort to partnerships with different local partners and through this we want to diversify the possibilities of engagement of the volunteers in the local communities, also increasing their opportunities of training and gaining new skills, and to potentiate the dissemination of an activista energy and the notion of volunteering as a tool of civic participation. We will use different working methods, all of them based on clear communication, setting up of goals and non formal education, as a horizontal, transforming learning method which is focused on the needs of the learners. The project encompasses 16 EVS mobilities (of 8 foreign youngsters in Portugal and of 8 Portuguese youngsters in 5 different countries in Europe and Asia), and it aims as well at strengthening the implementation practices of EVS projects (sending and hosting) through the sharing of good examples amongst partners and the active engaging of the volunteers in the dissemination os their activities and the values underlying them. Among these youngsters, we will include 8 youngsters with fewer opportunities, in NEET situation, which will increase the transforming potential of the project. As a central expected result, we hope to reach an enlargement of the global sensibility (connected with global education) as a lifestyle, of continuous reflection on society and a attitude of active citizenship, one that will allow the volunteers and the direct and indirect beneficiaries more capable of identifying connections between the local, regional and global realities, namely in the awareness of unequalities.

NGO "Center for Euroinitiatives"

Center for European Initiatives — is public nonprofit organization, created on the principles of voluntarily participation, human rights, freedom of speech, common interests, self-government and equality of rights for its members, as well as for the protection of our legal interests, rights, and freedoms.

Goal: to assist in the reformation of Ukraine in accordance with European standards, to introduce democratic values, and to develop civil society in Ukraine using educational and informational methodologies.

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Volunteers' Tasks

- to organize various workshops and activities for children and young people;
- to conduct sport and active games;
- to promote the European values and active citizenship, civic responsibility, community service,
- to distribute ides of Europe, friendship between people and peaceful coexistence;
- to lead kids groups;
- to teach leadership skills to youth and provide them with knowledge about EU, European integration;
- to promote cultural diversity and break stereotypes about the volunteer’s countries;
- to explain and operate with the basic concepts of tolerance, mutual respect, sense of responsibility particular in relation to the world, human rights;
- to promote of voluntary service among local youth.
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Best example EVS Project "ZOOM YOUR SUMMER" 2017

One of the most successful similar projects was in summer 2017. The major idea of the EVS project "Zoom Your Summer" was to engage European youth into organizing and conducting summer schoolyard, tent and stationary camps for local youth on leadership, European values and active citizenship. Our volunteers provided fun, cultural and educational experience to youth of summer camps as well as information about four different European cultures. As the result solidarity and cross border relationships between Ukrainian youth and their European neighbors, respect of the broad diversity that exists in Europe were developed. The integral part project was to obtain direct knowledge and experience about present realities of youth, their difficulties, dilemmas and ambitions both EU and partner countries representatives.

Poland, Portugal, Romania, Lithuania

"Zoom Your Summer" SALTO EECA Insgatgam


Sumy (Ukrainian: Суми [ˈsumɪ]) is a city in north-eastern Ukraine, and the capital of Sumy Oblast (region). Population: 270 000.

The city of Sumy is located on the banks of the Psel River, at its confluence with the Sumka River. There are several versions of the origin of the name of Sumy. According to the first version, the name of the city comes from the name of the rivers it was founded on (the Sumka and the Suma).

According to another version, Sumy received its name after the 3 “bags” (“suma” means “bag”) with gold coins found on the site of construction. Today, these “bags” are reflected on the coat of arms of Sumy.

Some researchers believe that the name of the city comes from the Ukrainian verb “sumuvaty” (to grieve), appealing to the feelings of migrants who were away from their native land.

The architectural appearance of the central historical part of Sumy was formed in the period from the end of the 18th to the beginning of the 20th centuries. Today, Sumy is famous for its wonderful pedestrian areas with historical buildings, cathedrals, and monuments.

The City Day of Sumy is celebrated on the first Saturday of September in memory of the fact that the city was liberated during the Second World War on September 2, 1943.

Transfer to Sumy from Boryspil Airport

The transfer to Sumy from Boryspil airport will be organized according to your tickets.

You should know that Boryspol airport is not in Kyiv, it’s completely another city. You will be transferred from Boryspol to Sumy directly by a minibus.

The bus is usually a Mercedes minibus. There will be sign “Sumy” («Суми» or «Сумы») on the bus. The company, which operates the bus, is “Servis Luks” («Сервис-Люкс»), so there also should be a sign “СервисЛюкс” on the bus. It’s not the only service which transfers people from the airport to Sumy so be careful with the minibus – be sure that it is that one which you need.

People can get seats in it only if they booked it in advance. I’ll order a seat for you in the minibus - just tell my surname (Novak) to the driver and the seat will be available for you. This is the picture of the correct minibus:

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The price of the tickets is 300-500 hryvnas per person (it’s about 10-15euro). This money will be included in to travel expenses. Find the Exchange desk in the airport and change 10-15 euro. It will be enough. You need this money to pay for a minibus to Sumy. You can also use the cash mashines for getting Ukrainian money.

The bus will arrive to the top (3rd) floor of the overpass, which is on the Terminal D (from the Departure section of the airport). As soon as you pick up the luggage, go upstairs on the escalator an you will easily find the Departure gates. You can also ask airport workers where the Departure gate is and go there, some of them speak English. Explain that you need the place where “marshrutka” (minibus) from Kyiv to Sumy (or any other city) goes. The long stop for a minibus is forbidden there, don’t be late. Here are some pictures of the place where the minibuses stop:

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You will be asisted by experienced mentors: Kaleryna Bublik +380505755512 and Kateryna Minayeva +380503076167
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Summer are generally warm and hot here. You may check the weather forecast online but you should know that here it can be much more warmer than in Western Europe. Since you will be staying for several months you will have a great opportunity to experience the seasons in Ukraine. Please take that into account when packing your clothes.

Living Conditions

You are going to live in a shared apartment. This is an average modest flat which contains all necessary things for living. There is a washing machine and a fridge in the apartment. There are kitchen utilities and kitchenware available for cooking. You will also have Wi-Fi Internet at home. Also please take a towel and bed-linen with you for your personal use (one set should be enough). There is some linen in the apartment but to have your own is always better. You will share the flat with our long-term EVS volunteers. The addresses of the flats are:

1. Illinska 52/2, ap.12

2. Illinska 10, ap. 165

3. Proletarska 3/1, ap. 2

Working Conditions

In the CEI office we have a separate room where the volunteers may prepare for their activities in Euroclubs, language clubs etc. There is Wi-Fi there so if you have a possibility we would recommend you to bring your laptop or a tablet for personal use. It is better if you have your own laptop in order to work at home.

You may use the technical equipment available at CEI to prepare for your activities. The activities themselves will take place in different locations.

The first week after your arrival will be an adaptation month. You will see the place where you will work, get to know the people and the current volunteers, will familiarize yourself with the work in the office and will get to know people from the community. We will do everything possible to help you adjust and enjoy your volunteer experience and benefit from it.