Clinical Psychology

Joy Lalimo

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Description of the Career:

A Clinical Psychologist is not the most easiest job, but if you love to help people then this job is for you. A clinical Psychology helps people cope with their problems. Stressful situations, mental illnesses, behavioral disorder. If any one is going through depression that is what a clinical psychology is for. Some psychologist works 50 hrs, but it depends on the psychologist. Occasionally psychologist set their own hours. Being in this career is good because you feel better about yourself knowing your a shoulder to cry on for some people who are going through stressful moments. Not only depressed people but people who needs help in general. Just like every other jobs there is a downside, and for being a psychologist the cons are having to watch people struggle. Seeing the struggle another has to go through, but helping them makes you feel better.


The average starting salary is about $48,386. The average salary for someone in this career is $68,000. The more you work as a clinical psychology, the higher you paycheck goes.

Career Requirments

If you ever consider being in this career, you would need 8 years of schooling. To be in this career it is mandatory to have a bachelor degrees in psychology, also a doctors degree. Some University that you can go to are, Say-brook, Kaplan, and Regent.

Career Prospect

Percentages for the people that works as clinical psychology are 70% women and 30% men. If your are trying to be in this career, you would probably not like that you have 8 more years of school after high school. Most people would not consider this job because some people can not handle 12 years of grade school, so how would they feel having to go 8 more years?