Andrew Jackson

The hero

JAcksonian Democracy

In Jackson's Presidency, greatly expanded the people aloud to vote in elections. Before Jackson was president, only wealthy, property owning, white males were aloud to vote in government elections. While Jackson was in office he changed the suffrage laws to all white males whether they owned property of not as long as the payed a poll tax or new how to read. After this it inspired other groups of people to fight for the right to vote. These group such as African-Americans and woman protested and later on in the 1900s, earned the right to vote.
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Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis was when South Carolina decided to nullify paying tariffs when the tariff prices were increased. In my opinion Jackson handled this situation very well. Jackson and Congress passed the force bill which had the U.S. army go to South Carolina and force people to pay for tariffs when buying international goods. Some presidents would have just let them secede when they threatened to in the first place, but he didn't. He reminded the whole nation that the federal government will always be just a little bit stronger than the state governments.

The Evil National Bank

In Andrew Jackson's presidency he was all about helping out the common man. Around this time the national bank was getting big but Jackson had a big issue with this because the national bank only benefited the wealthy white men not the majority of the nation. Jackson knew he needed to put an end to this bank but the bank was still under its trial contract which was keeping it open for longer than Jackson could wait. He decided to slowly withdraw some of the governments money and transfer it into smaller bank accounts in state banks. This caused the national bank to slowly dwindle until it had died.
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