Tech Tuesday

Blogger: Part III - Getting Ready to Publish Our Blogs

Bring your Devices and Your Questions/Ideas

Today is our last Tech Tuesday on Blogger (for a little while at least). I'd like to focus on three items:

  • Modeling how to add video and images into a post
  • Answering any questions you might have
  • Brainstorming ideas

If you haven't done it yet, this can be a time for you to create and publish a post, add your students into the blog settings as members, discuss your blog ideas with colleagues, or ask any questions you might have. I'll take the first few minutes to show you how to add images and video to your posts and then we will use the rest of the time as a time to create.

You can use Blogger just for enrichment or include it as part of your lessons. Below are ideas for both.

What Might a Lesson Using Blogger Look Like?

Using Blogger in the classroom can help teachers switch over to more student centered instruction, allowing for more one on one or small group time with those students who need it.

Example 1 (in class only):

  • Have a blog post set up with a video to watch from TED-Ed or YouTube that connects to your lesson. Include either a response question or a link to a Google Form in the post.
  • Set up stations or assign groups of students to a certain order of activities (group 1: video, group 2: meet with teacher...)
  • Students can watch the video independently, discuss with tables, and fill in form
  • Once everyone has completed the rotation, whole class discussion can occur using the Form responses to guide it.

Example 2 (at home/in class):

  • Have a link to an article or a video assigned on the blog as a hw assignment with "thinking" questions.
  • Students come to class the next day prepared for a discussion
  • Have a whole class or small group discussion
  • Have the students respond in class as an assessment of their learning

10 Blog Ideas

  1. Picture Prompts: Find some unique photos and have kids write a mini story
  2. Debate: Put up a hot topic and get student opinions
  3. Top Ten Lists: Choose a topic and have students make a list
  4. Video/article: Have students watch/read and respond
  5. Question: Ask a thinking question about your read aloud
  6. Try something new: Share a link to a new app, site, etc. and let them try it out!
  7. Math puzzles/plexors: Post and share solutions
  8. Current Events: Have students locate a current event and post a link or post one yourself and ask a question.
  9. Book Recommendations: Students recommend books to their classmates
  10. Google Forms: Create a form (quiz, survey, etc) and embed it right into your blog!