Code of Ethics

By; Maddey Killian

Ethical Topics

  • Honesty
  • Confidentiality
  • School Responsibilities
  • Home Responsibilities
  • Integrity

Ways to be Ethical

  • Honesty - Owning up to things do wrong or right.
  • Confidentiality- Keeping secrets that your friends tell you, unless it is illegal or harms someone physically
  • School Responsibilities - Completing your school work on time, turning it in on time and making sure that you did your best work on it, without plagiarizing
  • Home Responsibilities- Taking care of things at home, completing your chores, helping your parents around the house
  • Integrity- If you find something that is not your you return it to the right person, don't do something wrong or bad when the teachers not looking, be the best person you can be when no one is standing over you telling you what to do.

Ways I am Ethical

  • Honesty- I always tell the truth rather it is going to hurt someone or not its better they know the truth because one lie leads to the next.
  • Confidentiality- If someone tells me something and they say not to tell anyone, I keep it to myself and respect them wanting to keep it quiet
  • School Responsibilities- I complete my homework on time and make sure that all the work I do, I do myself
  • Home Responsibilities- I ensure my room is picked up and my bed is made before my mom gets home, I make sure my cat is fed and has water
  • Integrity- I have Integrity because I make sure to do the right things, I don't take things without asking and I have for permission if I need anything.