Bulldog Bulletin

Next week will be the best week yet at "The Park!" 1/18

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This Week

Monday- Holiday

Tuesday- Bernabei Writing Training




Upcoming Events

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Flipped PD

New flipped PDs available!

Using Nearpod in the classroom- Key Action 2

Using All in Learning for the DOL tracker- Key Action 2

Conducting Research in the classroom (3 Part Series)- Key Action 2

Link to folder: Link to Folder: http://tinyurl.com/jzy8nbl

College Kick Off!

This Spring our 5th graders will show how they are the leaders of the school by wearing college shirts to show their commitment towards working towards college.
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Bulldog Teacher of the Week- Mrs. Guinan

Mrs. Guinan is the Bulldog Teacher of the Week because of her dedication to Stevens Park and literacy. Mrs. Guinan's students showed significant growth on the ACP's due to close collaboration, pre-planned questions and student dialogue.

Learning Walk 1/13/2016


Classroom Management

High Expectations


Anchor Charts

Classroom set-ups

Dialogue and MRS’s


Accountable Talk (Quality student conversations)

Current student work

Student led classrooms

Differentiated Instruction

Vocabulary Instruction

LINK TO PD FOLDER: http://tinyurl.com/jzy8nbl

Next Steps-

1. * ILT will create a vocabulary folder within our PD folder. Explanation will come from your GC member. (Done)

2. * ILT will create a best practices folder in our PD folder. If you drop something in, email me. I will include it in the Bulldog Bulletin. (Done)

3. * ILT will create look fors for differentiation, RACE and accountable talk. (Done- attached to Bulldog Bulletin email and now in the PD Folder under- Look Fors)

4. * ILT will create a videos folder within the PD folder to showcase exemplar teaching. Teachers can submit their own videos or ILT will request to film. (Done- More info through PLC)

5. * Jackie and Gerri will create an area in the Learning Academy where you can post want-to-see things in the classroom and you will be matched with a teacher to visit. (Will keep you updated)

6. ILT will create a calendar where you can volunteer to showcase something in your classroom. (Will keep you updated)

7. * ILT will create a framework so that if you observe other classrooms or complete flipped PDS, you will be entered into a drawing for jeans passes, extended lunches and early release. (Will keep you updated)