Technology and School

Sarah Frank, EDU/315

What are the differences in student and teacher use of technology? How has this evolved?

Today students use technology more than teachers and for different reasons. Students use technology to communicate, download information, etc, as it is the domain they are most familiar with. Teachers use technology when presenting something to the class or working on a project.

With the evolution of technology, the use for paper has declined and people are using newer methods to accomplish their goals. While paper hasn't been eliminated from the picture completely, we're not seeing things like encyclopedias being printed and with online schools, we're noticing that textbooks are becoming ebooks.

What further expectations should be in place in classroom use of technology?

An expectation that should exist is students understanding how to search and locate accurate information on the Internet. Since the Internet is now in the palms of our hands, it's easy to use a search engine to find an answer, but is that answer always the right answer? Most of the time it it is not which leads a students to writing about something completely wrong without realizing their mistake. With proper instruction, students will be able to navigate through articles online and be able to decipher what it true versus false.

What staff development might be indicated by this video series?

What social media concerns should be addressed at the school level? How might this best occur?

While social media has become popular, it is important to understand the drawbacks it brings. Concerns that parents and teachers have that should be addressed are if students are truly engaged in the classroom, are students locating true information for their essays or projects and more. Another concern, specifically for parents, is if their child is being bullied via social media.

The best way to talk about issues with students is through the collaboration of teachers and parents. It's a known fact that consistency is key with children and the same goes for students. By having parents and teachers working together, there is no confusion and more information is provided depending on the skills everyone brings to the table.

How will you, as a teacher role model, best address the needs of your students in technology use?

I am a true believer in constantly talking about something but doing so in different ways. If I were to teach history and constantly use the lecture method, no learning would occur. In fact, I'm sure my students would quickly lose interest and possibly fall asleep. By incorporating the importance of using technology into different learning plans, my students will have that constant reminder but not to the point that it leads them to neglecting their education or not caring at all.


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