Dance Portfolio

By: Emily Crump

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Emily Crump

I've played sports for most of my life, and I've danced for even longer. My favorite style of dance hip hop with some contemporary thrown in.
방탄소년단 'Danger' dance practice
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My favorite dancer is Jongup Moon from the Korean boy group BAP

He's my favorite dancer because he's a phenomenal dancer. He always works very hard, and he doesn't let anything keep him down.

Bring Me to Life by Evanescence

The dance I cherographed is contemporary as well as hip hop.

Contemporary dance is similar to modern but contains elements from jazz, classical, and modern.

Hip hop is a street dance that formed with the hip hop culture and music. It consists of moves such as popping, locking, and breaking.

8-count Chart

8 hold on knees (1-8)

8 slowly raise head (1-6) spread arms (7) (8)

8 raise arms (1-2) cover face with hands (3) (4) reach out (5-8)

8 stand (1-2) drag R leg behind (3) drag L leg behind (4) arms out (5) (6) pull in (7) lift R leg (8-1)

8 drop leg (2) reach up (3-4) slowly lower (5-8)

8 step forward (1-2) step R (3-4) arm wave (5-7) kick L leg (8)

8 turn back (1) walk sideways L (2-6) releve L leg, hands and R leg up (7-8)

8 collapse (1) hold (2) twist up (3-8)

8 step back R (1-2) step back L (3-4) step back continuously and raise arms (5-8)

2 bend (1-2)

6 punch R (1) punch L (&) punch up (2) wrap arms (3-4) R arm across then reach R (5-6)

8 step forward (1) step R (2) turn to R (3) step back (4-7) turn to L (8)

8 pop R arm (1) R arm down (&) turn front (2) 2 3-step turns (4-6) step R (7-8)

8 arms low (1) (2) arms out (3) (4) R arm reach up (5-8)

6 jump back (1-2) arms tumble down (3-5) step L (6)

8 reach R (1) slide down (2-4) turn (5) rise (6-4)

8 turn forward (5-8)

8 step back (1-2) grapevine R (3&4) grapevine L (5&6) chassè (7-8)

2 step L (1) leap and fall (2)

6 R foot behind (1) turn (2) stand (3) hold (4) reach and turn R (5-6)

8 R arm circle (1-3) step back (4-5) step forward (6-7) reach R arm (8-1)

8 L arm out (1&) L kick (2) roll forward (3-4) stand (5) hold (6&) reach R (7&) close (8)

8 hold (1) R arm up (2) L arm up (3) arms around (4&) arms down (5) hold (6) raise arms (7-8)

2 hold (1-2)

6 grapevine R (1&2) grapevine L (3&4) raise arms (5-6)

8 hold (1-2) shake down (3-4) bounce (5) hold (6) R knee in (7) L knee in (8)

8 stand(1) chassè R (2&3) chassè L (4&5) chassè forward (6&7) hold (8)

8 lower arms (1-4) kneel down (5-8)

8 lower head (1-8)

More Info About Me and Dance.

I've always loved dancing since I could walk. I've been told that my first performance was when I was 3 at an impromptu talent show before a PTA meeting. I sang and danced my own choreography to Complicated by Avril Lavigne. Choreography I still somewhat remember today. When I was 5 I was in ballet for a little bit before I joined soccer and after I joined soccer I wanted nothing to do with ballet and still don't. However, I didn't stay away from dance for long because a year or 2 later I was in jazz. I did jazz for 2-3 years before I quit. When I started middle school, I developed a habit of dancing any and everywhere. A habit I still have. My sophomore year of high school, I discovered that there was a dance class I could take at the school and I started taking the class.

The music I dance to is mostly Kpop (Korean pop music). In Kpop the artists are expected to dance these amazing dances that I like to learn. Even if a song doesn't have any choreography, the songs are very catchy and I enjoy learning about the Korean culture and the language.