WANTED DEAD or ALIVE: Asta's son

By: Ashton Ryan

Boy Wanted

WANTED! A boy that goes by the name of Asta's son. There will be a bounty of 20 shillings for his capture, DEAD or ALIVE! Asta's son is assumed to be in the woods most of the time. Asta's son may steal food to eat or ask townspeople to help him. The boy could be escaping to a nearby town so he can get his freedom from Lord Furnival.

WANTED!!! - A 13 year old boy who goes by the name of Asta's Son

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Keep your eyes open for The Lead Cross - Asta owned this cross and it was given to her son. He is often seen with it.

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Asta's son was last seen hiding in the woods near the village of Stromford.

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known Crimes

Asta's son has stolen money from thy manor. He also was seen stealing church wine. The boy also has been spying on sacred gatherings in the woods. Asta's son also did not attend church multiple days in a row. He is a sinner and must pay for these horrible sins!

To turn in Asta's son and collect reward for his capture, meet with John Aycliffe at thy Manor in the small village of Stromford, England