Jackson's Inguration

The Party of a Lifetime

The People

At Jackson's Inauguration speech and open house there were many different types of people there. This was because Andrew Jackson was considered the first "common man" in the White House, so everyone felt like they had the right to be at these events. There were rich, poor, black, white, men, women and children at his inauguration. Every type of person was at this event. It didn't matter as much that some people didn't have expensive clothes or that people were a different color on this day or that you were woman. Everyone untied to celebrate this as a country.

Events At The Party

Andrew Jackson's party was probably as crazy as a President's party can get. Over 20,000 people showed up to the White House to celebrate. At this party people got so crazy and out of control that Andrew Jackson actually fled from the party because he feared that he was going to be suffocated by all the people. They were pressing him up against walls, pushing each other and standing on furniture just to see him. He left and went to a hotel for the rest of the party after this. There were so many people in the house that the servants thought that the floor might collapse, so they came up with a plan to move drinks and food outside to get people to get out of the house. Guests broke furniture, china and ground cheese into the carpets. Some said that the White House smelt like cheese for four months after the party. Andrew Jackson didn't care about the damage because he was going to redecorate the White House anyways.

Why are there no more parties like this?

The reason that we don't hear about these parties in modern time is because they stopped allowing President's to have open houses in 1885 because of all the assassination attempts that people made. At Andrew Jackson's party there were actually no on duty police officers that could help if something like an assassination attempt was happening. Times changed a lot during the 1800's especially with violence and the precautionary measures people had to start taking.

Death of Rachel Jackson

The death of Rachel Jackson was a tragic event that people knew about nationally. At the age of 61 Rachel Jackson died of a heart attack in Nashville, Tennessee. Andrew Jackson actually believed that the reason that she died was because of what happened during the election between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. During this election things became really personal when both sides started accusing each other of cheating. Andrew believed that the stress of being attacked publicly is what caused Rachel Jackson to have a heart attack and die. 10,000 people came to her funeral in Nashville on Christmas Eve. This definitely affected Jackson during his Inauguration Day. This changed many things when she died, newspapers that were attacking her before her death were now talking about all the great she had done and how awful it was to lose her. This shows how a death can affect people and how they view things.
The 1829 Inauguration of Andrew Jackson

My Reaction

I think this party was crazy and out of control, but also meant a lot to this country It showed that a President really thought that he was equal to "his people" and welcomed the nation into his home no matter who you were. If we could do things like this today I think it would mean even more than in 1829. I feel sometimes politicians think they are above us and mean more than regular people. If someone like Barack Obama could do this it would show people that we are all equal and I think that is a great message to have especially when trying to lead a country. This party would mean a lot back then and it would mean a whole lot more now. Saying that you are the "common man" is a lot different than showing you are the "common man." I think it gave people a lot of hope about the new President.