VCR Lesson 5 Presentation

Jordan Schuler

Fill in the Blank Exercise:

Near the town hall are many _______________ that represent the important historical events that occurred there.


n. Sculpture whose ornaments or figures are somewhat raised above the background (also known as "low-relief").

Different Parts of Speech:

bas-relief, adj.

Definition according to Merriam-Webster dictionary: "a kind of sculpture in which shapes are carved so that they are only slightly higher than the flat background"


Basis (G.) "pedestal," "foot," "base"

Bassus (L.) "low"

Rilevo (Italian) "relief"

Synonyms and Antonyms


  • Low-relief
  • Sculpture (not a direct synonym)


  • Sunk relief (patterns cut into the surface)


Originated in the French language, from bas, meaning low, and relief, meaning raised work.

Its first known use was in 1667.


Bas-relief can describe the sculpture, the ornaments, or the style.

  • Bas-relief
  • Bas-relief sculpture
  • Sculpture in Bas-relief
  • Sculpture with bas-relief ornaments

Exercises in the Book

Exercise 5A:

Identify the Synonym

A border of bas-relief figures a. slightly raised b. roughened c. engraved d. three-dimensional e. silhouetted

Exercise 5B:


Exercise 5C:

The Elgin Marbles, sculpted in bas-relief and originally forming a border around the Parthenon of Athens, are now on display in the British Museum in London.

Exercise 5D:


Incorrect Usage Exercise

a. The bas-relief figures on the roof of the building had significance to the architect.

b. The sculpture was designed in bas-relief, with the design engraved in the surface.

c. The bas-relief depicted a battle that took place in Ancient Greece.

d. The bas-relief sculptures are a big tourist attraction in Ancient Rome.

Answer: B

The bas-relief style signifies slightly raised designs, not engraved ones. Engraved designs, or designs that are cut into the surface, are in the sunk relief style, the antonym of bas-relief.