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April/May 2019

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Hey folks! We are nearing the end of the school year and we do have a break coming up, so HOLD ON TIGHT! I appreciate all of the hard work that you are doing to make a difference in the lives of students and teachers in your schools and communities. I am going to keep my comments brief as the awesome DTL Team has plenty for you do digest.

I would like to commend all of the teachers and coaches for your dedication and energy with the Apple Vanguard training as well as jumping on board with Canvas course development and rollout. These are the pioneers that will continue to put ISS on the map, but most importantly, this work will help students connect learning in ways that truly make an impact in their lives.

I will leave you with these 2 parting comments . . .

The DTL Team and our Tech Support Staff are going to be focusing on building out an “Innovation Plan” over the next year that will involve many of you as we look to determine what teaching and learning must look like and how we can shape and implement that vision together. A great deal of this work will revolve around adoption of the ISTE Standards. More to come on this!

Secondly, the ISS Leadership Team is truly trying to “tell our story” better than we have in the past. This is your time to shine and talk about all of the innovative things that you are doing to impact the teaching and learning process. Please share those stories with us! Send pictures with brief write-ups and invite our team out to see it in action! We want to help you tell your story! Thanks again!


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Kelly Trudelle, First Grade Teacher, Troutman Elementary


Nominate a Teacher For Spotlight

If you know of a teacher who is doing some great and innovative things for students, nominate him or her for the Teacher Spotlight.
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ClassroomScreen provides free tools to project and use in your classroom.

ClassroomScreen includes a clock, timer, traffic light, random name picker, text and drawing tools, quick QR code generator and more.

Watch this video tutorial to see ClassroomScreen demonstrated.

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We recently completed the Apple Vanguard Academy for this school year. There were teacher leaders from almost every school participate. These teachers and coaches are technology trailblazers in their schools and not afraid to learn and be innovative with their students. There were 38 participants in the elementary cohort and 30 in the secondary cohort. We were fortunate to have 4 Apple Professional Learning Specialists provide the instruction.

These teachers learned how to engage and encourage their students to be creative in demonstrating what they have learned using our MacBooks and iPads. This learning opportunity consisted of 6 days spread throughout this school year. Throughout the process, the teachers and coaches also became certified Apple Teachers. We have been excited to see these teachers take what they have learned back to their classroom to try with their students and then to see the enthusiasm spread to other teachers and classrooms as well. Many of these teachers are also providing training back at the schools for their fellow teachers.

Our Spotlight Teacher for this issue, Kelly Trudelle, is a perfect example of the concept of this professional development. Her video has pictures of her kids creating and she talks about what she learned and taking it back to her class and also helping other teachers and classes.

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iQuest Online Professional Learning Opportunities




There will be sessions on digital learning & technology in the classroom, differentiated instruction, providing quality interventions, reading, math, writing, STEM, content areas, curriculum review work and so much more!

What do YOU have to share with your colleagues as a Lead Learner? You can choose to share informally by leading a session individually or with colleagues, through a poster session or face-to-face in a 30 min. or 1-hour session. What a great way to kick-off summer and get started by planning for an awesome 2019-20 school year!

If interested in leading learning, complete the Lead Learner Form below.

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Do we have some exciting news for you from your Professional Learning, Digital Teaching and Learning, and Curriculum and Instruction departments?

Announcing the I-SS iQuest Online Professional Learning Design and Development Team.

Watch this short video to learn more about this iQuest adventure.

Read this Flyer for more details about the iQuest Micro-Credential OPL development process.

Complete the following form if interested in serving on a Micro-Credential development team as developer, reviser, builder, or evaluator.

Other Learning & Growing Opportunties

  1. Friday Institute MOOCeds: Massive Open Online Courses are offered by the Friday Institute. These free courses allow educators to learn on a variety of topics. These courses are self-paced and will award contact and participation hours for CEUs. There are ten courses to choose from.

  2. Microcredentials with the Digital Promise: Get started exploring and learning. There are a variety of Microcredentials to choose from. Learn. Grow. Share with Digital Promise.

  3. Canvas.Net: Canvas.Net is a catalog of professional learning covering a wide range of topics (content and curriculum, blended learning, to languages). Teachers and Administrators can search the entire catalog.
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Save the Dates.

Three days of leveled: (1) Basic Training, (2) Officer Training, and (3) Field Training.

See the Canvas Boot Camp promotional flyer for more details.

Registration is now open (Details in flyer). Each day is limited to 80 people, so act now. Teachers and admins can register for one day, two days, or all three days.

Earn DLC credit and badges, leverage Canvas for student learning, and receive hands-on support while building your learning space.

Ready to get your Boot Camp on? Come learn, grow, connect, and share.

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It is that time of year!!!!

We need to start thinking about how to draw the semester to a close and how to prepare for summer edits.

Click on the Checklist below.

You need to prepare for summer edits by importing your content into your Sandbox. Explore #5 on the End of Course Checklist.

April/May Canvas Play of the Month

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This month's Canvas Play of the Month comes from Latonia Bostic, Science Teacher, South Iredell High

Understanding Disease at the Organelle Level (click on button above to access the assignment example)

This is a great assignment that uses research and scenario-based learning. Notice also the resources Latonia provides for her students to be successful in this assignment (videos, websites, Google documents, images, etc.)

Great work Latonia.

Do You Got Canvas Play?

Get featured! Get Recognized! Celebrate how you are using Canvas with your students.

You got Canvas Play if you have created interactive content (videos, digital tools, 3rd party apps) and assessments in Canvas. A Canvas Play can be . . .

  • A Canvas Module
  • A Canvas Page
  • A Canvas Quiz
  • A Canvas Assignment
  • A Canvas Discussion

Be recognized for your Canvas Play and earn a badge. Submit the Canvas Play of the Month form with the details for your Canvas Play. You could be featured in next month's e-Digest.

Did You Know?

The following are new Canvas releases that you might be interested in knowing about. Read this update and think about ways that it can impact your learning environment positively.

On-screen calculators for Quizzes.Next

Teachers can enable an on-screen calculator with basic or scientific functions from the Options menu of any question type.

On-screen calculators are best used for assessments presented in One Question at a Time mode. If a calculator is enabled in an assessment where students can view all questions on the same page, students can use the calculator to answer any question.

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If the calculator is enabled, students can open the calculator by clicking the Calculator icon.
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Basic calculators include the functions to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Scientific calculators include all basic functions in addition to several scientific functions.
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BigBlueButton Conferencing Tool Redesign
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Read the complete functionality changes to BigBlueButton.

Continue Your Learning

There are a plethora of ways for you to experiment and color your Canvas learning. Read about the possible avenues to enrich, grow, and extend your knowledge and skills as a Canvas artist.

  1. Growing with Canvas: Interested in building your capacity in Canvas and becoming a Canvas ninja? Then you can self-enroll in the Growing with Canvas professional learning experience. This learning experience is self--paced and along the ay you will submit activities and earn seven total badges. At the conclusion of Growing with Canvas, you can request a certificate of participation for 1.2 CEUs which can be used for DLC credit.

  2. Canvas Live: Canvas Live is a portal of online learning searchable by categories (lower right) such as student engagement, content design, and Assessment & Grading.

Canvas Tip of the Week

I hope you are reading and applying the Canvas Tips of the Week. Each week (Monday-Wednesday), you and your students can explore the Canvas tip for that week. Please encourage your students to read and apply the tip. These tips will help with Canvas productivity. And, be sure not to hit the X until you are confident that you have read, understand, and can apply the tip. Hitting the X closes out the tip and cannot be retrieved.

Here are the archives of the Canvas Tips of the Week:



Got a tip, suggestion, hack, solution. Share it with us. We will feature it an upcoming Tip of the Week and for each tip, you will receive your Canvas Tipper badge.

Tell us your Tip Story.

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20 Youtube Channels for Educators

Podcast by Subject Area

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Why Do We Sleep?

The mental and physical wellness of educators is integral to the success of our shools. In this TED Talk, neuroscientist Russell Foster urges everyone to check your health by prioritizing sleep.

Sleep deprivation affects educators as much as it does the students they are teaching. Wendy Troxel, a sleep researcher, believes sleep deprivation among teens is a serious public policy issue. Troxel believes that middle and high schools should not start before 8:30 am for fear of severely impacting adolescent health. You can find her Ted Talk here.

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Everybody Chromercise