Road To Perseveance

By: Ellery Sabado

What is perseverance?

Perseverance is achieving your goal and never give up even thought there are hardship or misfortune. You persevere through adversities you have.
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Adversities of the Lady Jags

The Lady Jags is a girls basketball team from Carroll Academy. The players had many adversities throughout their lives. For instance, one of their own teammate was affected by the drugs the mother took. She drank alcohol while she was pregnant with her. Another example is their town has a very high poverty rate and a high unemployment rate. One of the team’s player had many problems such as depression and anger. When she was hospitalized, she also found out she was bi-polar. Most importantly, the majority of students that attend Carroll Academy in Tennessee, especially the teammates, have bad grades.The Lady Jags may have many problems, but they persevered and succeeded. They triumphed their last season together.
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Cause and Effect of Eric Legrand

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Compare and Contrast of "Carry On"

In Cleveland Ohio, two men named Leroy Sutton and Dartanyon Crockett have similarities and differences between each other. For instance, they both have adversities. Leroy’s disability is that he has no legs, and Dartanyon is legally blind. Another similarity is that they were both helped by Lisa who’s a producer for ESPN. With Lisa’s help they were able to graduate and get a job. Leroy is now a video game designer. Dartanyon is in the sport Judo. On the other hand, they are different because Leroy was focusing on his family, and Dartanyon focused on his career. In contrast, they got their jobs in different areas. Leroy received a job in Phoenix, Arizona and Dartanyon received a job in Colorado. In conclusion, there are many similarities and differences about Dartanyon and Leroy.
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Explaining of the Pictures

Problem and Solution of Tom Monghan

Tom Monaghan had many problems and found a solution to help him create pizzas. Tom had a problem because his partner used him to steal money from him. Tom didn’t realize that his partner was stealing money until he was in bankruptcy. The solution to this problem was to fire him. Another problem was that his Dominos building caught on fire. This cost too much money. The answer to this problem was to pay off all the money and rebuild it. One of the biggest challenges that Tom had was that he was in debt. This was about him growing his business too fast. This lead to him pay all the money. It took him awhile for him to pay all of this. Tom Monaghan persevered by continuing to make pizzas and make his business bigger.


Everyone can overwhelm their adversities. No matter how hard it is. You still have a ambition to become better. Never yield to anything even if someone or something is stopping you from what you are doing.
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