10 Money Management Tips

For College Students

1. Take charge of your life-and money!

2. Keep looking for financial aid.

There are numerous opportunities to apply for financial aid throughout college. Ask for scholarships that are available or any grants you could be eligible for . Even if it seems like a small amount, every bit of help counts!

3. Use loans as a last resort.

Try and pay off as much of your tuition as you possibly can. Get a summer job and financial aid. Taking out loans puts you in debt and will cost you more in the long run, as you will have to pay interest as well.

7. Plug everyday spending leaks.

Although you may not think spending three dollars on a coffee everyday is a big deal, in the long run, it can add up to a lot of money. By cutting out small expenditures, you can make your money stretch even further, which is essential during the college years.

8. Separate needs from wants.

9. Get into the savings habit.

"There are only two sources of money in this world: people at work and money at work." If you want to do well, work hard, and then make your money work for you. With enough self discipline, you can teach yourself how to be wise with your money and save accordingly.

10. Net worth is not the same as self worth.

Although money is important and will bring you some level of happiness and comfort, by no means is it the most important thing in life. Your friends, family, and doing what you love are what will truly bring you happiness. Manage your money well so that you can have these three things.