New England colonies

Massachusetts, road island, New Hampshire, Connecticut

The New England colony

5The New England colonies are very sea influence as they built boats and fished. Rode island has no religion so many people flocked to rode island to escape religious persecution. This is also where the famed thanks giving dinner took place.


The Geography in the New England colonies were very sea influenced. They made boats and used fish remains for farming. They had a lot of trade by sea.


The economy in New England was greatly impacted by the sea. They built boats and sold them they fished and used that as a trade resource.

Types of colonies

The New Egnland colonies had proprietary colonies and charter colonies.

Proprietary colonies are when a group of people come to settle in the new world.

Charter is when a person or group of people come to the New World with a document from the English royalty.

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Religion in the New England colonies

Most of the New England is Puritan. Except for rode island which is why many people flock to rode island. They also had Jews, baptist, Presbyterians.


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Massachusetts was a sea influenced colony. It was a charter colony. In this colony they had pilgrims and puritans.


This is another sea influenced colony. They have puritans, Jewish and Baptist.

New Hampshire

This like all the other New England colonies is another sea influenced colony. They had ship builting and fishing. Their religion had puritan and prebyteriain.

Rhode island

This is the colony that has religious freedom. They are colonised by pilgrims so they did not have any religious presacution.