FACS Career Services


Greetings from Your FACS Career Consultant

Good afternoon, FACS faculty!

My name is Brittany Smith. If I have not yet had the opportunity to meet you, I am the designated FACS Career Consultant at the UGA Career Center. I work specifically with FACS and Social Work students which gives me the opportunity to develop industry-specific knowledge and relationships with relevant employers, and ultimately specialize in career paths and opportunities that will be most suited for the students in these colleges.
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Listed above are some of the services I can provide for your students. Ideally, students will begin to take advantage of the Career Center as early as possible in their college career; however, I am able to assist students at all levels, as well as recent alumni. Please do not hesitate to make referrals.

Students can meet with me via any of the following methods:

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I have attached a slide you can display in your class to inform students of my weekly drop-in hours in Dawson Hall.

*Please note: While we anticipate being moved back into Clark Howell Hall by the first week of classes, students should check our website for the latest information regarding the Career Center location.

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Going Out of Town? Don't Cancel Class! - In-Class Presentations

As you form your Fall syllabi, I’d like to offer you the option of presenting on professional development/career-related topics in your classes.

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This could be a good alternative to cancelling a class meeting if you need to be out for a day. Please contact me as early as possible to schedule these presentations.

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Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate - Helping Students Become Workplace Ready!

Students may attend career workshops throughout the semester in order to earn the ArchReady Professionalism Certificate. For more information on this certificate, visit career.uga.edu/archready. We typically host 3-4 of these workshops per week.

A full list of eligible events for the Fall semester is posted at the link above. Many professors offer extra credit to students who complete this certificate. I am proud to report that FACS was the second highest-engaged college in the program in Spring 2017 behind Terry College of Business, thanks to your support! Please reach out to me if you are interested in adding Career Center-related assignments to your syllabus.

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Employer Relations & Job/Internship Postings

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If employers reach out to you regarding recruiting FACS students, please consider directing them to Handshake - the official UGA resource for employers to advertise open positions, connect with students, register for career fairs, and schedule on-campus interviews. I have attached information you can share with employers on how to utilize this resource.

You can also refer students who are seeking a job or internship. Handshake typically has 3,500-4,500 active postings. Students may set up their profile by visiting:

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Enjoy the remainder of your summer, and please let me know if I can support you in any way during the Fall semester! I hope to speak with you soon.


Brittany Smith, FACS Career Consultant