Grade 5/6 Social Studies

The Year so Far

First Week: No worries

This is where I would write a paragraph about how awesome it was to start school again and be in a grade 5/6 social studies class.
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How do Ideas Spread Through the World

Islam and Buddism

This is where I would write a paragraph on how we learnt about how Islam and Buddhism spread through different parts of the world. I would write about trade and conquest and the Silk Road.

Why do Countries Help Other Countries?

Case studies on how countries help each other in war time

This is where I write about how we have studied WWI, The League of Nations, and WWII. I would write about how we have watched Brainpop and worked at our own pace. I would also mention how we played Risk to learn about alliances between countries.

This is the Title that I Want to Move Around the Place to Show You How to do it.