never let your friends go

Emily Porter 1&2

Analysis of the Development of Theme

The theme is never let your friends go. At the end of the book when Freak dies, Max stays in the down under. Max doesn't think about Freak because he might think that he is going to get emotional hurt. He doesn't realize that it could make him feel better thinking about all the good times they had together. He needs to think about all the fun or all the trouble that they got in together, not that he died and that he will never come back. It is better for everyone (mostly yourself) when you think about how good that person was to you and all the good times you had together. One thing that Max could have done was to write about all the adventures they had together in the little book let that Freak gave to him in the hospital and not to think about now he was gone.

The theme fits in because when Freak dies it says "I hid in the down under for days and days and kept the door closed, I missed the funeral and Gwen's going away." He didn't even go to his best friends funeral because he was stuck up, sad, and depressed. He didn't even say good bye to his best friends mom because he was so sad. He needed to go and deal with things, and done what Freak would have wanted him to do. He should have done it for Freak. The picture (to the right) represents how they where such good friends and they did adventures together. They both worked so hard together when they were around each other. They tried their best and freak taught Max how to read and right they were such a great team together.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I do think that the author developed the theme well. It can apply to our everyday life, when someone dies, moves, etc. Our friends help us in our lives no matter what! The theme is relevant in our generation because we need true friends, and if we let them go, we will be miserable. I think that how the author developed the theme throughout the whole entire book is it says that before Freak came Max was made fun of, didn't know how to read or write and didn't have any friends. When Freak came though, he taught Max how to read and write and they became great friends. Then when Freak dies it hurts Max but he keeps up his reading like Freak taught him to. In the book it gives the example when it says, "I hid in the down under for days and days and kept the door closed. Which is why i missed the funeral and the Fair Gwen going away." He misses everything when he stays in his room just because he is feeling bad for himself. This relates to me in my life because a good friend moved and we kept in touch till she moved to China and I haven't heard from her sense but I have made knew friends better than I would have ever made!



This book is about how a boys struggles in school. It is hard for him to read, write, etc. When he meets Kevin "Freak" though everything changes. Freak teaches him how to read and write. They both go on adventures together and they like to be with each other. They both learn how the power of friendship plays throughout life. Later on though, Max is taken through a trial when his dad "killer kane" comes for a visit and kidnaps him. Freak finds them and Max gets rescued. Later on Freak dies and Max has to learn to live with his best friend.