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October 1, 2021

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KAES Lois Mikesell Family Crisis Fund

Lois was always finding ways to help others. Thats why this crisis fund has been set up in memory of Lois Mikesell. Giving to this fund is a wonderful way to show your love. This crisis fund is designed to support those families that experience crisis while trying to put their children through Christian education. The Lois Mikesell Family Crisis Fund has been set up in partnership with the Keene Church so funds can be given to through the Keene Church or KAES.

Raise Craze has Ended! You Raised $29,445!

We did it, KAES! And we had fun doing it! Thank you so much for your participation. To celebrate our accomplishments we will be having a special assembly next week. At that time we will officially announce all of our top raisers and loggers. Mr. Coulter will also do something CRAZE-Y. The students are voting today to determine what Mr. Coulter will do. We will also be taking t-shirt sizes to place our official order. We will be sending out a thank you from the school to all our donors BUT be sure to specifically thank your supporters. Send a card or make a special call. We couldn't have been successful without everyone's participation.
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First Quarter Ends In One Week

We have almost completed our first quarter of the school year. It is only one week away. Encourage your child to do their best and end the quarter with their best efforts. Parents can check grades and assignment lists to make sure nothing is missed.

Parent Teacher Conferences Oct. 18, 2021

The first quarter of the year we have Parent/teacher conferences. P/T Conferences will be held on October 18, 2021. In order to have more time to meet with parents there will be no school on that day. A link to an online scheduling site “signup genius” will be sent out for you to be able to choose the best time slot that works for you. Please remember that signups are available on a first come first serve basis.

Accounting and School Bills

I am hoping that we will be able to get bills sent out to you this weekend. I apologize for the delay. We are trying to figure out how Lois did everything she did. With the loss of Lois we are slowly picking up where she left off. If you have questions about your financial plan, please contact Mr. Coulter. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this challenge.

Don't Forget about our Shoe Drive: Ends - October 8, 2021

We are still in the hunt for used shoes. We're collecting gently worn, used and new shoes to raise money for playground equipment for the Middle School. Not only do you help us, but the shoes also get a second life with those in need. It's a double donation!
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The Future is bright for our Pre-Kindergarten Professionals

The PreSchool and Pre-Kindergarten class had a special visitor (EMT Fireman Mr. Hutchinson) this Friday. Mr. Hutchinson shared about all the equipment and types of emergencies that firemen have to help with.
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Lunch Menu: Oct. 4 - 8

Lunch order is to be placed with the homeroom teacher each day. $4.25 small $5.00 large

Monday - Quesadillas, rice, beans, salad bowl and juice

Tuesday - Lasagna, garlic bread, salad bowl and juice

Wednesday - Asian noodles, vegetables and juice

Thursday - Hot Dogs, French fries, mixed vegetables, and juice

Friday - Early Release - No hot lunch and no after school care.

Important Dates To Remember


Oct 8 - End of 1st Quarter

Oct 8 - Early Release Day 12:00pm (no hot lunch and no after school care)

Oct 9 - Advanced Marimba to Norse Church

Oct 12 - Start of 2nd Quarter

Oct 12 - Field Trip to Main Stay Farms (PreSchool, PreK and Kindergarten)

Oct 18 - Parent/Teacher Meetings (No School)

Oct 25-29 - Red Ribbon Week

Oct 30 - Music to perform at the Keene Church


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