New Books!

March 17, 2016

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000 – Computer Science, Information, & General works

027.626 INF The Information Behavior of a New Generation: Children and Teens in the 21st Century (2013) edited by Jamshid Beheshti

300 – Social Sciences

302.343 HAN *Handbook on Bullying: Prevalence, Psychological Impacts and Intervention Strategies (2014) edited by Phoebe Triggs

303.483 EDW Digital is Destroying Everything: What the Tech Giants Won't Tell You About How Robots, Big Data, and Algorithms are Radically Remaking Your Future (2015) by Andrew V. Edwards

305.23 GON Lives in Limbo: Undocumented and Coming of Age in America (2016) by Roberto G. Gonzales

306.3097 JOH Carbon Nation: Fossil Fuels in the Making of American Culture (2014) by Bob Johnson

306.85 ROS The Age of Independence: Interracial Unions, Same-Sex Unions, and the Changing American Family (2007) by Michael J. Rosenfeld

306.856 SIN **Single-Parent Families (2016) edited by Margaret Haerens

320.5209 OLM Right Out of California: The 1930s and the Big Business Roots of Modern Conservatism (2015) by Kathryn S. Olmsted

362.29 MUR Illness or Deviance? Drug Courts, Drug Treatment, and the Ambiguity of Addiction (2015) by Jennifer Murphy

362.712 GON Diversity in Early Care and Education (2008) by Janet Gonzalez-Mena

363.1251 DRU ***Drunk Driving (2013) edited by Amanda Hiber

363.1251 DRU #Drunk Driving (2011) edited by Stefan Kiesbye

363.325 ATW After Bin Laden: Al Qaeda, the Next Generation (2012) by Abdel Bari Atwan

364.1066 GRI Gangster Warlords: Drug Dollars, Killing Fields, and the New Politics of Latin America (2016) by Ioan Grillo

365.973 AME **America’s Prisons (2016) edited by Jack Lasky

400 – Language

419 GUS Signing Exact English (1993) by Gerilee Gustason

600 – Technology

641.59 COO Cooking in Merced County: A Taste of History (2004) edited by Sarah C. Lim

664.9 FIT Animals as Good: (Re)connecting Production, Processing, Consumption, and Impacts (2015) by Amy J. Fitzgerald

700 – Arts & Recreation

726.12 CON The Parthenon Enigma: A New Understanding of the West’s Most Iconic Building and the People Who Made it (2014) by Joan Breton Connelly

900 – History & Geography

909.0974 MCH A Concise History of the Arabs (2013) By John McHugo

955.053 ABR The Coup: 1953, The CIA, and the Roots of Modern U.S.-Iranian Relations (2013) by Ervand Abrahamian

*Social Issues, Justice and Status series

**Opposing Viewpoints series

***Issues That Concern You series

#At Issues series

Children's & Young Adult

CHB ADL Don’t Throw it to Mo! (2015) by David A. Adler

CHB B COL Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear (2015) by Lindsay Mattick

CHB ENG Drum Dream Girl (2015) by Margarita Engle

CHB FEN A Pig, a Fox, and a Box (2015) by Jonathan Fenske
YA ENG Enchanted Air: Two Cultures, Two Wings (2015) by Margarita Engle